Spring is – supposedly – just around the corner. That means we’re going to be seeing things come into bloom, which means that we’ll see those friendly, fuzzy little pollinators zipping around as well. Fittingly, then, we’ve got the Projects Watches Reason to Bee coming onto the scene.

The Projects Watches Reason to Bee is a tidy 40mm piece (steel case, 5 ATM WR, quartz movement) that, as with other releases from the brand, is more about the aesthetics than the specs. On one hand, you’ve got the obvious bee over the top of the flower, but how does time keeping work? Glad you asked – check this out:

That gives you the sense of how you’ll be keeping time with the Projects Watches Reason to Bee. In talking with them about the watch, I felt that it really needed a vibrating alarm function to round the theme out. Apparently, they had considered it, but wanted to keep the price down. Perhaps a second gen. Anyways, the Projects Watches Reason to Bee will be available in mid-April (though it’s live on their site now) for $150. https://projectswatches.com

aplogies / hat tip / etc to The Dragon Friends for inspiring the title of this post

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