Projects Watches are certainly no stranger to bringing in unconventional designers to create watches. In particular, they seem to have an affinity for architects. Their latest has an architect at the helm, who took inspiration from a painting, leading us to the Project Watches Ode to Delaunay.

Moshe Safdie

The architect in question is Moshe Safdie, and the painting he drew inspiration from is Robert Delaunay?s 1938 creation, Rythme n?1. What at first seems to be a busy, chaotic mess reveals itself as layers of colorful, concentric circles in motion (due to more circles in the form of rotating discs).

Telling the time on the piece looks fairly straightforward, as there are cutouts in the dials that reveal where you are. For the hours, those are clean numerals, and for the minutes, you?ve got some tick marks. That makes determining the exact time a little trickier, but you should be able to tell where things fall by its position.

Coming in at $185 the Projects Watches Ode to Delaunay is one of the more expensive pieces we?ve seen from the company. From discussions, though, it sounds like there are some tricky bits in the manufacturing of the dials and getting colors aligned, and I?m sure that played into a bit. Still, for someone who loves color and art (even if they don?t know Safdie or Delaunay), this looks to be a piece that will delight.

Tech Specs from Projects Watches

  • 40mm in diameter / 9.5mm thickness
  • Black IP Stainless Steel Case
  • Black Leather Strap
  • 3 ATM
  • Miyota Quartz Movement
  • MSRP $185

ByPatrick Kansa

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