Take a look at that watch buckle. Take a good look at it.

It consists of a standard deployant clasp attached to a wheel that rotates too and fro to tighten or loosen the buckle. It’s a clever little addition to your favorite watch and it seems to be completely handmade by a company called Roland Iten.

So you’re thinking “Huh, that’s cool. Maybe I’ll pick one up for myself.

Quill and Pad, the folks who originally surfaced this watch for me, write the following unironic paragraph:

Best of all, though, is the price

And best of all, this adjustable watch strap buckle is a rare Roland Iten product in that it’s both very useful and relatively affordable. At 1,490 Swiss francs it’s by no means cheap, but the quality is excellent. And quality costs.

That’s $1,715. I mean, fine, it’s made by hand my Roland Iten himself, I guess and it looks like a great idea. It seems to work well and who wouldn’t want the horological equivalent of a fidget spinner on their band?

But $1,700. Damn.

I thought watch prices were going down. I didn’t realize that watch buckle prices were busy going up.

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Last Update: January 22, 2024

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