If you are in the market for a bronze watch these days, you are certainly spoiled for choice. The material has shown up across numerous brands, often with an eye towards what the eventual patina is going to make the watch look like. Now, I am not saying that the Steinhart OCEAN 1 Bronze won’t develop a patina (as it likely will). It’s just that, at first glance, it really seems to playing up a higher-end look, with the bronze (and the bezel insert) giving things more of the look of a gold watch.


That is was really struck me the most about the Steinhart OCEAN 1 Bronze. Sure, it would be a rougher finish than you would expect from a gold watch, but something about the case and bezel really gives me that vibe – perhaps it’s the offset against the metallic grey dial. Whatever the reason, that’s what I am picking up. Unfortunately, that would also mean that this is a bronze watch I would end up passing on, as I’m not particularly a fan of yellow gold.


Whether or not you feel the same, I have no doubt the Steinhart OCEAN 1 Bronze will find plenty of interested takers. The 42mm case houses an ETA 2824-2 movement, is topped with a sapphire and carries a 300m WR rating. So, yeah, you can definitely go for a swim with this one (a good thing for a watch called Ocean) and work on advancing that patina at the same time (just give it a rinse in fresh watch afterwards, ok?) The Ocean lineup is an established one from the brand, obviously picking up cues from Rolexes of the past.


Here, on the Steinhart OCEAN 1 Bronze, the dial is certainly reminiscent of the crowned brand, but the “usual” Mercedes handset is absent. In my book, that’s a good thing, as they tend to feel a bit small. Here, instead, we have the wide sword-style hands. You might feel that this gives off a Seiko mod vibe, but, as it turns out, the handset was used by Rolex (and Omega as well) when producing military-spec watches. So, yeah, this is definitely a homage.


One thing that threw me at first with the Steinhart OCEAN 1 Bronze was the lug configuration. I thought the brand had made a rather odd choice in forcing the need for straps specific to the model, with a central bit coming out from the lugs into the middle of the strap. As it turns out (and closer inspection revealed) that it is just an extension off of the solid end links (so you could put whatever 22mm strap in that you might want) hooking the rubber strap onto the case.


I find that while the Steinhart OCEAN 1 Bronze is certainly a Rolex homage watch, it has some tweaks and changes to it (case material and appearance, lugs) that give it something a bit different. Now, if you are familiar with Steinhart at all, you know that they offer these designs at some rather affordable pricepoints, and the Steinhart OCEAN 1 Bronze is no different. For those outside of the EU, your price will be $420, while those in the EU needing to account for VAT will pay €450. Regardless of region, the brand continues to offer solid value for your spend. Is the gold-like look of this bronze going to win you over? Sound off in the comments and let us know.


Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Steinhart OCEAN 1 Bronze
  • Price: $420 or €450 (with VAT)
  • Who we think it might be for: You like the look of “tropic” dials, but instead want that finish showing up on the case
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen?: Nah – has too much the look of a yellow gold watch
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: Play around with dial colors – a blue or green could look rather lovely
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: Though I’m not a fan of yellow gold, what spoke to me was how much like YG the bronze ends up looking

Tech Specs from Steinhart

  • Movement: ETA 2824-2 Swiss Made, automatic elabore, hacking seconds, 25 jewels
  • Functions
    • Hour and minute hand golden with SuperLuminova C3
    • Central second hand
    • Screwed-down crown
  • Case
    • Solid bronze, satin finish
    • Back: Stainless steel screwed, engraved
    • Diameter: 42 mm (1.65 inches), without crown
    • Height: 14 mm
    • Weight: 140 g
  • Dial: metallic gray
  • Crystal: Sapphire domed, with double anti-reflecting coatings on the interior side
  • Bezel: Bronze, satin finish
  • Indices: Super Luminova C3
  • Lug width: 22 mm
  • Water resistance: 300 metres/990 feet 30 ATM acc. to DIN
  • Strap: rubber strap 22mmx22mm black.folding clasp
  • Buckle: folding clasp, bronze-colored 22mm with Logo

ByPatrick Kansa

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5 thoughts on “Introducing the Steinhart OCEAN 1 Bronze”
  1. This is actually an interesting update on an old concept. The old submariner rolex had an 1016 explorer-like 3-6-9 dial sometimes. Here, they’ve used an updated 14270 numerals-explorer-type dial, making an homage to a watch that never was. Neat!

  2. pretty stupid reviewer really. several times he said he wouldn’t buy it because it had the look of a yellow gold watch. The shiny gold colour disappears in under a month as the patination starts. You would think a reviewer on a watch site would know this. I own the watch now – and bought it used so it already had the patina. It bears no resemblance to the new watch. You missed a trick passing up on it.

  3. Thanks for your honest review. In my opinion, your association of bronze with gold is misleading the reader. I saw a few videos of the C1 patina finish over time and it looks really nice (if you like aged bronze). comparing gold with bronze is like confusing a horse with a dog.

  4. Love it. It’s bound to look like gold until it gets a patina… that’s just they way bronze is! Not sure where we’re going with the homage comments. “It’s a bit like a Submariner, except the hands… and the numbering… and it’s bronze, and a bit of it is like a Omega… or perhaps a Seiko”! You could say that about just about any watch in existence. Fact is a it’s a great looking watch, that will only grow in character and at an amazing price point.

  5. as a few comments posted a bit more rudely or sharply than i shall here, despite your confusion of the un-patinanized looking like a gold watch, any googling or ebaying of this watch show in short order they all have patina that varies not at all from any other brand of bronze watch, from IWC to $400 microbrands. the design of the case and the brand new shine of bronze in no way is related to how this watch will patina, whether naturally or with processed help.

    that you got this wrong is no reason for others to be rude to you, but it is a necessity to point out this error.

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