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Just released: Swatch BioCeramic


Swatch is certainly no stranger to playing around with how they use plastics in the manufacture of their watches. They’ve done quite a bit with plastic and all the colors they’ve brought to wrists around the world. At the end of 2020, they introduced their BIORELOADED lineup, which brought some more eco-friendly plastic in. Now, they’re evolving that a bit further with the Swatch BioCeramic collection.

At first glance, the Swatch BioCeramic looks rather familiar, as it’s based on the Big Bold 47. Rather than just a straight plastic case, however, they’ve gone with a new material that’s 2/3rds ceramic and 1/3 bioplastic, plus a good dose of pigment (showing up in 5 distinct colors). This should give the watches a decidedly different feel, and hopefully make for a more robust watch.

We don’t have a lot of details as of yet, but the Swatch BioCeramic should be launching today, coming in at a rather affordable $120 (I doubt you’ll find a ceramic watch near that price before this one). You can check out all the details over at swatch.com

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