Friends, neighbors, and esteemed readers – here’s a doozy of a contest. Prove to me that you need a sweep GMT hand because you live in a very special spacial rift between continents and I’ll send you a brand spanking new Alpha GMT Diver. Leave a comment after this post and then we’ll see who has the best reasoning. Then you’ll have in your hot little hand an Alpha GMT diver. I’d rather give this thing away than take a hammer to it.

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

52 thoughts on “Prove You Need A Sweep GMT – Win the Alpha GMT Diver”
  1. Hi,
    I have recently moved from East Coast to West Coast of US and I have all my friends still back there which reguire quite a travel to have a decent BBQ (there is not a decent frigging BBQ joint in CA) I also have my family back in Turkey which makes communication a problem to figure what time is it over there. I would love to use this watch so that I can stop waking my family up everytime I need help with a recipe.

  2. I live in a time rift known as “consulting”. I never spend more than 4 days in one time zone, I start in Pacific on the weekend, travel to Central on Sunday or Monday, spend Wednesday or Thursday in Eastern, then perhaps the weekend at GMT, then back to Pacific for the time I’m allowed to be “home”. Lather, rinse, repeat every week.

    My time is so fragmented that I can never remember the proper offset for my calls home, and faced with the challenge of scheduling meetings, I back-calculate from the current time zone to Pacific, then forward-calculate to the destination time zone.

    I can’t afford the Rolex or Omega GMT, but I deperately need one!!!

  3. With the technology age, working isn’t quite the same anymore. I live and play on the West Coast but through the miracle of cyberspace (which sometimes feels more like a wormhole) I telecommute and work the entire continent of Australia, which depending on the time of year has 3-4 timezones. With my schedule, a sweep GMT will show the right time no matter where I am or want to be!

  4. When I scuba dive I use my bezel to account for the time I´ve been underwater. This time is used to make sure I don´t exceed the safe No decompression dive time and succomb to decompression sickness.
    GMT can not be used since it´s rather important to know the exact minutes you´ve been under. What you also need to know is how long you´ve been on the surface after the dive – to make sure the next dive isn´t going to result in a to high level of nitrogen in your blood stream. If you set the Sweeping GMT to 12:00 as you get out of the water you could easily track the time you´ve spent on land and use it to calculate how much nitrogen you still carry in your tissues. In short, to perform a safe repeated dive you need three things 1; to know the time and depth of last dive 2; to know the time spent on land 3; a RDP or similar dive table.

  5. Or you could set the GMT to countdown the exact amount of time you have to wait until next dive, for instance 1h 23minutes before 12:00. Otherwise an ordinary GMT would probably do, sorry forgot to include that.

  6. I believe an Alpha GMT will help me transform the world’s opinion of Americans. Many view us as being self-absorbed, ignorant narcissists. I say: not true!

    For too long, the oceans have cut us off from other parts of the world in a way unfamiliar to Europeans and those of other cultures, such as Sri Lanka. We Americans need only deal with a few time zones, but there are so, so many more. How can I empathize with the Madagascarian plight, if I cannot instantly know the time in said African nation? The Alpha GMT will enable me to instantly discern the time in any country that I choose, even California. I will then be able to use said horological knowledge to increase awareness of the aforementioned country of my choosing, acting as a emissary of good will, etc., etc. Over time, Americans will come to be known as charitable, giving, caring, altruistic, genuine, involved, and charitable. All because of the Alpha GMT.

    My goals are so much more lofty that merely wishing to avoid waking others from a sound slumber.

  7. Well, seeing as how the Alpha is a pretty lame GMT, I believe it should go to the entrant with the lamest excuse. Here’s my case for lame:

    I need to know the time on the lost continent of New Jersey. Legend has it that way across the wide Hudson Ocean, a mythical land of sweet corn and Camaros lies waiting. Some say it’s a myth. Others say it’s merely a state of mind. I know that it’s some alternate universe on its own time, a time accounted for by the irregular motion of the Alpha’s GMT.

    With my Alpha GMT, I’ll find that lost continent.

  8. As we all know, everyone neeeds one of these so you can watch the red hand go around at half the speed of the pointy mercedes thing. Alternatively it’s really handy for those who keep forgetting what happens when you run out of fingers and toes while counting. This thing goes up to 22 and a big arrow!!!!!
    What more could you ask for.

    Your time travelling hero

  9. Because I dont’ look like I should be wearing such a nice watch. People will spend the day wondering.

  10. In 1943, I was abducted by a UFO while flying in formation over Carentan, France. Most of my squad was destroyed by the huge gravity wake generated by the alien craft, but I was taken aboard.

    I was experimented on, examined, probed, and eventually left in stasis in a forgotten bay of the craft. I drifted in and out, only vaguely aware of the passage of time. Given the time dialation effects of faster-than-light travel, my return to Earth did not coincide within the natural confines of my lifespan.

    In 1989, I found myself deposited in a field in Iowa, hazy, nauseous and only barely able to comprehend what had happened to me. I began to search for my squadron in vain, having believed we were the victims of a Luftwaffe ambush. Imagine my surpise to find that over 45 years had passed since my time in the Air Force!

    Finding it impossible to fit into this new world, I descended into alcoholism (like my father before me) and walked the streets of Iowa City, homeless and hopeless. My only companion was a midget named Oscar, but everyone called him Frank. Oscar encouraged me to seek help for my alcoholism and I eventually sought the aid of a hypnotist.

    Through many sessions (paid for in menial labor around the doctor’s office), I was able to recover many of my memories aboard the spacecraft, as well and their future plans for our planet.

    Reclassifing Pluto, it’s moon and other bodies on the outer reaches of our solar system are only the first step in annexing that portion of space. Eventually, they will move towards Earth, claiming to come in peace.

    My friends, I warn you NOT to trust these new visitors. They have devious plans afoot and I can’t help but chuckle at the irony of an old pilot like myslef being the one to deliver the mesaage of warning to our race.

    And that is why I need a sweep GMT hand.

  11. Okay, I don’t know if this beats the UFO abduction, but here we go…

    I play an online MMORPG. It has its own internal time. That time corresponds roughly to real time, but is off by varying amounts. There are often events or tasks that must be done at certain game times, and since game time doesn’t quite line up with real time, it can be difficult to figure out when I should log on to perform these tasks.

    It would be useful to be able to have a way to keep track of game time AND real time, and a sweep GMT hand would make that much simpler.

    But assuming you don’t take sympathy on my plight, Mr. UFO Guy should totally win, assuming you can figure out how a need for a sweep GMT hand fits into his story…

  12. My dad’s currently in hospital in the UK (where I’m from). I’m on the East coast of the US and have recently started a new job which keeps me crazy busy. Between one thing and another I would love a way to simplify checking when its ok to call; visiting hours don’t start till 2pm GMT, so I can’t call before then, I don’t want to call too late and wake him up. This would truly help me keep track of the time difference.

  13. Now for the hard part. He must shift his weight onto his head and swing his legs up into a headstand. He begins by squaring his shoulders inside the toilet bowl. He then bends one leg at the knee, and after a few practice swings, kicks this leg straight up into the air with enough lift and force to flip himself up into a headstand. His right cheek is now flush with the inside of the bowl, and it takes a little wiggling and squirming to relieve the pressure on his nose, and then to position his right eye directly above the opening. With the thumb of his left hand, he switches on the flashlight. By tuning his head to the side and opening his mouth, much like a swimmer coming up for a breath of air, he creates a space that should be just large enough to pass the end of the flashlight into his mouth. As a precautionary measure, to help with his focus and concentration, he closes his eyes during this very risky transfer, and it’s only when the flashlight is secure, when his teeth have a firm grip on the rubber handle, that he opens them again. He is stunned by what he sees. Corals of every imaginable color blanket the floor of the tank. Green and yellow sea anemones flutter in a gentle current, snails and muscles cling to the walls, and the entire cavern is filled with a dazzling blue-green light. He spots a school of brightly colored tropical fish cruising through the water, and a shrimp with incredibly long and delicate antennae peeking out from behind a kelp-covered coral arch, and as his gaze wanders among the multitude of exotic plants and animals, from one end of the tank to the other, he suddenly catches a glimpse, there, directly below him, visible on the surface of the water for a fraction of a second before his dimples broaden and the flashlight falls from his mouth, of what he’d been searching for ever since he woke up one morning and realized exactly what it was he’d misplaced…

  14. Where was this contest three months ago? That’s when my wife, an Air Force officer, was deployed to Kyrgyzstan, I was activated by the Army Reserve to work in Huntsville, AL, and my kids went to stay with their grandparents, aunts, and uncles on the east coast. I’ve spent every day sorting out who is in which time zone and what time is it where when the Alpha GMT Timer would have made it a breeze to keep track of what time to call who. Still, better late than never.


  15. Lots of great entries. I’ll give it go.

    I’m a pilot in the USAF. I travel frequently on our nations business to all the garden spots the Air Force likes to call home. My favorite is Kabul (Z+4.5) That’s a tough conversion to do in your head. But that’s not why I need that fine mechanical wonder you call the Alpha. I’ve got a good practical watch for figuring out local/zulu/home/dst, a citizen wingman (it doesn’t even need a battery!). The problem is my kids. They love to take daddy’s watch while I’m sleeping or in the shower and play with all the buttons. They recently figured out how to pull out the crown. Fortunately I got to them before they were able to completely twist it off. Now my four year old is begging for a watch of his own. If I don’t find something quick, he’ll eventually get his hands on my humble citizen again and that may be the end of her. Now, the kid is smart, but he can’t really read time anyway, so the high quality that the Alpha brand is known for is not an issue. I could get one of these off Ebay for $48 (buy-it-now), or wait it out for around twenty bucks. But if dad actually WON a contest to get this watch, now we are talking about a family HEIRLOOM.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  16. Who needs a watch that can’t keep time well? I have a real GMT II, so not me. However, my son doesn’t have one and isn’t likely to get one from me at today’s Rolex prices. He lives on the east coast of the US and his grandparents live in Korea, so he might have some utilty for a GMT watch. I doubt that’s true, but he’d probably love that Pepsi bezel. Form over function — typical teenager.

  17. My Dearest GMT,

    Things just haven’t been the same since I left you on that ebay site. Now, I know whay you’re going to say: we discussed the benefits of time and distance that a “very special spacial rift between continents” would have on our relationship…in other words, we’ve already been through this.

    But I can’t help it I still miss you; you, and that special little “Alpha” trademark that makes you all the more unique. Other, more shallow, men look for the commonplace “Rolex” label; I don’t want commonplace…I want you, and now more than ever. I look at my naked wrist and am lost, with no sense of time and where it has gone since I lost you to John.

    Just promise me this: if John ever offers you up to another, let my wrist be the one with whom you are reunited. For this time, it will be our time…for all time.

    Forever your “Alpha” male,

  18. I often travel to Nepal, which has its own time zone 15 minutes off New Delhi time. That always makes me chuckle, but it was done to keep them “independant” of Indian time.

    When I’m in the throws of jetlag (or somewhere over the dateline with my brain scrambled) I can never recall whether I need to add 15 minutes to my second time zone setting (New Delhi) or subtract 15 minutes to come up with Kathmandu time.

    So, the sweep second time zone hand would serve to give me one more good reason–and a feasible excuse!–for confusion and disorientation. I would find this quite valuable.

  19. Because I haven’t got any sort of wristwatch, regardless of which timezone I’m in I constantly feel jetlagged because I never know what time it is. Am I making sense? I think I need to lie down…

  20. I don’t travel much, but I do need to keep track of more than one “timezone.” You see, I test experimental MS and rheumatoid arthritis drugs on rodents for a biotech company near San Francisco. I have as many as 3 colonies of guinea pigs, rats, or mice on study at any one time. Depending on the needs of the study (activity level desired from the animals), and on the species (largely nocturnal? active late in afternoon?), I generally have the light cycle in the animal rooms set to simulate a time of day that is different than outside. I had been thinking of getting a GMT watch to help me out with this, but first I’ll try asking you for yours. Thank you.

  21. Hmmm….I want it because “it comes with a gimpy little price tag that looks like a lump of wax”.

  22. I can’t tell time unless it’s in numbers so having an extra hand that doesn’t work correctly wont phase me at all. I like to confuse myself, like in this comment. I forgot what I’m writing about.

  23. Well, my wifes from Fiji and I am from New York… we got married in Sydney, Australia and moved to New York and all her family is still back home in Sydney. It’ll be nice to look down and see what time it is back in Sydney before calling them and realizing we’re waking them at 3AM Sydney time (14-16 hour difference!)

    Hope this is good enough reason!

  24. So I am understanding what is the time in Australia where big rip-off watch seller Nicholas Hacko is living!

  25. Well, I am based in Singapore, my family in Malaysia both in same timezone, which obviously is cool but my project is in Vietnam and Korea full-time!

    I definitely need a GMT for this!


  26. Well like most of those who live they schizophrenics life style trying to combine “official life” in the office and on the business an “personal life” at home and at the parties I always wait for the change-it is almost like a werwolf changes at full moon I change in the after office hours and especially for the weekends. Well even someone could say that this does not change the processing of time or timezone, believe me IT DOES the time goes in totally different way, so GMT would be a nice accessory to help:)

  27. ok heres a go at this. I do not scuba dive i have no TIME for this. I do not travel to NAPAL for not only do i not have tie for this i nor have the money if i did then i would not need this watch i could buy my own. And no nor do i work in a bio lab making enough money torturing animals that i can afford this or better. No i live in alabama yes alabama where i moved back to so i could help take care of my disabled father who is really bed ridden. i do have to know what day it is and time to know when his next doctors appointment is. i do not have the money because i moved and am now unemployed because try telling your boss you need alot of time off and never know when that time is. So in this if you really want to give this watch away i will accept it even though most of the time people just pulling my leg about thing that always have a catch to them it would be great to find a person who is true to their word. thanks for the shot at a watch which i can not afford on my own….michael

  28. I work for the US military. I have to read BDA (Battle Damage Assesment) reports and make important descisions based on said reports. Usually this occurs sometime in the middle of the night. The dang reports post the time the bomb dropped in GMT. Now I work in Virginia and the bomb was probably dropped in Afghanastan. Its 3 AM in Virginia and I can barely calculate the hours until I can go home to sleep. When the heck did the bomb hit the target? Damned if I know. Is it Daylight saving time or not? Wow I could really use a watch with GMT.

  29. Hehe, It looks like a couple of people have hit on the offset time zone thing of which there are 24! I actually do have this watch. I bought it straight from the guy in HK at $45 including shipping. I accidently ran over w/ my Discovery, oops. Smashed the crystal, bent the hands. For $25 I got a new crystal put in it but they didn’t have one w/ a cyclops and they didn’t set it right so it wasn’t water resistant anymore. (but still worked w/ a fogged over crystal.) It still works to this day. I’d love to get another one if you’re still giving it away! It’s only been a year and a half, when is the drawing? 🙂

  30. You claim GMT hand MUST click over at 1 hour intervals?

    “Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)” = UTC+9:30 or worse yet…
    “Australian Central Western Standard Time (ACWST)” = UTC+8:45

    That watch seems purfect for Australia or are we just weird down under?

    I actually steered away from ‘Proper” GMT watches when I discovered this ‘Fault’

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