Alright, so, with our last two Timex reviews (here and here), we’re batting 50/50 in terms of what I’d say we had for a watch you should buy.  Today’s Timex gets us back on the plus side of that equation – and is a great option for women, to boot.

The T2N825 (product page) is part of their Elevated Classics line, and features more of a bracelet-type styling than we’d see in men’s models.  Here, it’s working to great effect.  This is what my wife had to say about the styling:

 I liked the style of it, and I really liked how the top part of the bracelet wasn’t flexible. This kept it from spinning around on my wrist like a lot of other bracelet watches do on my wrist.

In other words, that’s a checkmark in the plus column.  In terms of sizing, this is definitely on the smaller side – the brass tonneau case only measures in at 18mm wide, and had a correspondingly thin 8mm height.  It goes without saying, that the bracelet part of the watch is much, much thinner as well.  But, again, it’s a checkmark in the plus column:

 It was comfortable-not bulky. I thought it was feminine and simple in a good way.

Now, this is definitely a dressier piece, working best for an office environment, or any other environment where you’re not wearing casual clothes.   As a time keeper, the watch functions just as you would expect.  Of course, it could serve you in ways you might not expect, as we found – this is the watch my wife had on when she needed to start timing contractions.

In short, this is a watch she’s very attached to now – and I think this would work well for many.  And, at a price of only $65, it’s an extremely affordable option – one I would recommend you give a look.

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Last Update: December 11, 2012