While these two recent Swatch releases aren’t necessarily tied to one another, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to put that headline in front of you. So, today, we’ll have a quick run through of the Swatch Clear line that just came out, as well as the watches they’re releasing for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

With Swatch, we’re used to seeing some measure of translucence, either in the case, dial, or strap. For this latest Clear collection, though, they’re diving into it whole-heartedly. The case, the strap, the dial – all clear. All that isn’t clear is the movement, and the handset over it (a good thing, if you want to be able to tell the time). For this Clear line, there are actually four different models – the Clearly New Gent ($85), Clearly Gent ($75), Clearly Skin ($120), and the Clearly Bold ($110). Whether you take this as an invitation to clear your mind, or just a new way of affecting tan lines on your wrist this summer, Swatch has your back. You can check out the full Clear collection here.

On the other hand, if you prefer the more frenetic and kinetic designs of Swatch’s past, then their Swatch X You line is going to be of interest. For that, they’ve created six different eclectic designs representing the different sports taking place. With these $125 watches, you get the choice of what “slice” of the pattern you want applied onto the strap and dial of the watch. So, while the design patterns are preset, you can get it showing up exactly how you want on your watch. Realistically, if you’ve not checked out the Swatch X You options, it’s worth a look to see how you could craft your own. But back to the Olympics – you can check out the full collection right here.

So there you have it – a quick tour of two different sets of options coming from those creative minds over at Swatch. Their focus on bio-sourced plastics carries on from last year, and no doubt we’ll be seeing more in that arena in the months to come.

ByPatrick Kansa

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