Spider WebWelcome once again (or just welcome if you are a first time reader) to our regular Saturday post, Watching the Web.  Here, Matt and I take turns scouring the internet for interesting watch related articles we can point you towards, and we get a chance to crow about our own more popular posts over the last week or so, just in case you missed them.  From our friends across the web, we’ll read about Eminem’s watches, learn about new color schemes from MCT, and have a look at the first women’s watch from Urwerk, and a new crowd-funded watch. From our own pages, we have an impressive (and inexpensive) diver, a watch that is two watches in one, and a sharp luxury watch.


First up, our pals over at Watchgauge ask the real Slim Shady to please stand up (please stand up).  Ok, sure, they did not do that, but they did give a quick rundown of what watches Eminem has been known to wear.  Some passing interest for me (as I’m formerly from the Detroit area), and I thought it curious that he owns a Rolex, but more commonly is seen in a G-Shock.  Check out the “5 Facts” right here.


Next up, the crew over at The Horophile have an overview of one of the crazier (yet still very easy to read) watches, the MCT Sequential Two S200.  I really dig the “shutter” action on the hour numerals, as it reminds me of the old flip alarm clock I had growing up.  That also means that, if someone one of these landed in my lap, I’d hope for the orange variant, as that truly would mimic the look of the clock (at least at night).


Next up, aBlogtoWatch cover one of of the most intriguing watch models launched specifically for women – the Urwerk UR-106 Lotus.  Normally, I would be all over a brand for slapping a bunch of diamonds on a watch and calling it a women’s watch, but here, well, I am willing to turn a blind eye to the bling.   While a lot of this new Urwerk feels familiar, it does look to be it’s own creation. Surely an intriguing piece for the woman who appreciates horology and is looking for something quite unique.  Check out the full writeup (and more photos) right here.

Deep Blue Sun Diver 04

Now, back to our own pages.  The most popular post of the week was actually a carry-over from the prior one, in the form of the Deep Blue Sun Diver 1K.  This is a watch that offers a lot of familiar styling, riffing on some cues from other popular divers.  It also bakes in a lot of technical chops in a rather inexpensive package.  If somehow you missed this writeup (and you’re on the hunt for a new diver), you need to check out the article.


Next up, we had a quick overview on the Javelin Dayrunner.  More and more, a like watches that, rather than being smart in and of themselves, integrate smart notifications on a standard watch package (generally in the bracelet).  This one sort of bridges the gap, giving you the ability to hook either an Apple Watch or Pebble onto an expanding bracelet that puts the watch on the bottom of your wrist.  Perhaps not perfect for everyone, but it is an intriguing solution.


Next up, we have our article on the new Meerson D15.  While this is a watch that flies right outside of our normal affordable focus, I could not help but to write up this titanium-encased GMT beauty.  Yeah, at $20k, it is not the watch for everyone.  If you have the budget for it, I would argue you could certainly do much worse when it comes to looks with a world timer on your wrist.


Finally, we have another crowd-funded watch.  Yes. normally we would have Matt cover these, but we’re pulling back a little bit to only focus on ones (in terms of full articles) on those that truly seem unique.  That’s not to say this Suri is not nice, as it does have a good appearance (something about it is reminscent of another watch, but I can’t quite put my finger on it).  You can check out the full review over at The Time Bum, and if you buy one, you’ll manage to support some medical research at the same time.

MAwatch10Did you know that John Biggs’ latest book, Marie Antionette’s Watch, is only 99 cents on the Kindle, or you can buy a paperback from Amazon.

Mr Jones Sun and Moon 03

We are in a new month, so that means that we have a brand new giveaway started up.  This time around, we have your chance to win a Mr. Jones Sun and Moon Miyamoto.  As with last month, we are requiring you to do two things this month to qualify for the drawing.  Enter yourself though the contest widget, and make sure you post of comment on the original post that announced the giveaway.  You have to do both to have a valid entry!

Wrist ShotWe also want to put the call out for wrist shots of our reader’s favorite (or at least favorite of the moment) watches.  Put together an email of your wrist shot and tell us a little about the watch and why you love it.  If you happened to be introduced to it through our site (or won it through a give-away), even better.  Just make sure the image is a JPEG and at least 800 pixels wide.


This month, we have a wrist shot from Bart P who won this Trintec in our February giveaway.  Proof positive that these watches do get out to real people in the world!

With that, I will wrap up this edition of Watching the Web. As always, if there’s something you think we should be covering, feel free to drop us a line. If you bring something up that we end up writing about, we’ll be sure to tip our hats (electronically, if not literally) in your general direction.


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