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Crowd Funding Wrap-Up, January 2015

OK, it is not the end of the month, but I though I would bring out this month’s crowd funding wrap-up early so there is still time to back the projects before they close. Myself, I tend to favor projects listed on Kickstarter, and have purchased a number of them, but there are alternative sites, most notably Indiegogo. In addition to the projects below, I have longer reviews of the Zelos Abyss, running through January 28; the Cobra de Calibre Chronograph el Grande, running through January 31; The Manchester Watch Works Tatoskok, running through February 16; and the Elliot Havok, funding on March 7.


Watching Time Bloom with the Frederic Jouvenot Surya

We do not often review, or even write about, women’s watches here on WWR all that often. Yes, there have been some exceptions, but when you are a guy, writing about something not targeted at you is a tricky thing to do. Past that, it often times seems that a brand will simply take an existing model, shrink it some, and slap some gems and hearts on it, and call it a day – which seems lazy to me. On the other hand, the Frederic Jouvenot Surya puts those gems to a rather clever use.

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Crowd Funding Wrap-up for 2014

The end of the year has been a pretty busy one for me in my day job, so I have not been able to track crowd funded projects as closely as I normally do, nor as closely as I like. As a result, a number of crowd funded watch projects have slipped by me. I was able to write up the Helgray Silverstone, which has monster support, The Tempest One Forged Carbon Watch, which I really like, the Astoncain, a project that still has a shot, and the Ferro one hander, the project I am most likely to back right now. So if you did not get a watch for the holidays, consider supporting one of these projects, or the projects below.

Out of Service

Enjoy Your Day

Given that many of you likely have today off, we thought it was fitting to take a little break ourselves. Go ahead, enjoy time with your family and try not to overdo it, alright? We’ll be back with you tomorrow.

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Prometheus Poseidon, Preorder the God of the Sea

Prometheus is a brand that produces nice looking serious dive watches at affordable price points. Through January 31, 2015, they have a pre-order opportunity for their newest dive watch, the Prometheus Poseidon. This is a serious (read overkill) automatic dive watch, water resistant to 3,500 meters with a helium escape valve and several other bells and whistles.