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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in the States, we’ve got a little holiday going on known as Thanksgiving Day. So, for those of you getting your turkey-induced food comas on, enjoy your day, and enjoy it responsibly (especially if that watch above is on your wrist).

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The WWR 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Earlier this year I was attending an alumni event and the subject matter turned to watches (how I turned it there I don’t recall). One of the group asked what I would recommend for her to get her boyfriend as a gift. My first question was how much money she wanted to spend. When she said roughly $1,000, I immediately recommended a Weiss. Her question also got me thinking about how I could organize the 2015 holiday gift guide. So for this iteration, I will recommend my favorite watch (or watch related gift) in each of several price ranges. Chances are, if I like it, especially if it under about $1,500, we have covered it in the past, since that is the kind of people we are; but there may be watches here (especially at the high end) that have not graced our pages.

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Watching the Web for November 21, 2015

Thank you for taking the time out of your day and stopping by to check out our regular Saturday feature, Watching the Web, where we take a little bit of time to highlight interesting watch related articles and watch reviews we find on other sites across the web. We then take a little time to promote our own popular articles from the last week or so. Today, I wanted to point you to reviews of the Bovet Sergio Pinanfarina Split Second Chronograph 45, the URWERK EMC Pistol, and the Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition. From our site, the most popular posts over the last week or so have been the reviews of the Vejrhøj Nautic, the Manchester Watch Works Tatoskok, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five.

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Oris Divers Sixty-Five, Back Into the Blue

Sometimes, you just have to go with the tag that the marketing campaign uses, and I will admit, “Back into the blue” is lifted straight from Oris’s press kit. But it fits, doesn’t it? This pretty diver, with retro cues and a light blue chapter ring pays homage to the original Oris Divers Sixty-Five, while staking itself out as a modern diver.


Introducing the Benson Watch Winders Black Series

Even though I personally have not handled a lot of watch winders, I find them fascinating. Basically, they are a purpose-built machine that serves only to keep another very purpose-built machine (your watch) in running and ready-to-wear condition. As with all things watch-related, there are a range of prices you can find for these, with very inexpensive ones that are probably noisier than they are worth, all the way up to some massive ones that are basically a piece of furniture or a safe. Then, we have a sort of comfortable middle ground, where pricing is in the range of a good mechanical watch, with materials and motors that are worth the price. That is where, it seems, we will see the new Benson Watch Winders Black Series residing.

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Artstate GPS Solar Watch, Keeping Time World Wide

If you travel, a world timer watch is a very handy complication. Switch cities, and you can easily switch time zones on your watch. But what if you want it done for you? That is where GPS watches come into play. Not GPS as in tracking watches, but GPS watches that update their clocks based on where they are in the world. Since they only update every other day (or on command), the receiver part uses little energy, so these are not power hogging watches like a GPS tracker would be. Now on Kickstarter is a new brand hoping to get into this technology with the first four Artstate GPS Solar Watch models (OK, only 2 are solar, but they are all GPS). This new brand is significantly less expensive than the other mainstream brands that are available.

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Dear Hopeful Crowd Funded Watchmakers – An Open Letter from a Fan

Dear Hopeful Crowd Funded Watchmaker; Allow me to start by saying that I think you are doing something really cool, and that I am a huge fan. This is the first time in history where the power to build, market and sell a watch is not vested in the few, but open to anyone with an idea and a bit of money. I think that a lot of the projects that you come up with are attractive, interesting and offer a great value. Heck, I have backed a couple of projects myself. And to keep from singling anyone out, the crowdfunded projects I show here are the projects that I feel are doing it the right way.