When you run for political office everything matters. You always have to wear a suit – but not anything too nice – you have to drive a car – but nothing fancy – and you have to wear a watch. And that watch shouldn’t be a Rolex Daytona.

Watches are a signifier and a Rolex Daytona signifies that this guy has a watch more expensive than most used cars. Ultimately, most presidential candidates wear something like a Casio F91w-1 or a Timex Ironman, watches that you buy at the pharmacy, put on for a few years, and then give to your presidential library if you win. At this point in the 2020 election cycle I doubt Schultz and the other candidates have to worry too much about which watch to wear but here’s our WWR tip: don’t wear anything fancy come late 2019, friends, or eagle-eyed watch nerds will call you out.

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One thought on “Howard Schultz had better hide his Daytona”
  1. You know what, screw ’em. This is a self-made man that should wear whatever he wants. Ironically, most of the snowflakes that would worry about what the dollar amount on his wrist reflects are the same people that funded his ability to purchase it.

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