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Matthew Humphries Design MHD02, Vintage Looks, Vintage Size

Posted on 26 August 2014 by Matt Himmelstein

Mathew Humpries Design MHD02 01

My exposure to new watch brands frequently comes not from traditional watch industry sources, but rather from the world of design and gadgets, especially through other web sites that curate cool new items.  When I saw the Matthew Humphries Design MHD02, it really resonated with me.  The design is clean, bold, and readable with just a dash of color.  I wish it were a tad bigger, but then I would be really tempted to buy one for myself. Continue Reading

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Twigs Woodwear Natural Time, For the Treehuggers

Posted on 25 August 2014 by Matt Himmelstein

Twigs Woodwear Natural Time 01

What makes a watch cheap, and what makes it inexpensive?  In both cases, the watch itself has to be sold at a low price point, but the former only has that going for it, while the latter offers something else, a deign, a point of interest, some reason to like the watch other than the price.  The Twigs Woodwear Natural Time is an inexpensive watch, not necessarily a cheap one.  At $50 or less, it hits a low price point, but it offers something back in the way of the materials of construction.

Twigs Woodwear Natural Time 03

I like it when wood is integrated into a watch design in a smart way.  I have seen some unattractive wood designs that are too chunky, where the material choice does not make sense for the design.  With the Twigs Woodwear Natural Time, the designers have built a standard case out of ebony wood which does a good job of featuring the product, without going out of way to club you over the head with it.  The watch utilizes ebony wood in three case sizes, 36, 40 and 45mm, so you have your pick of a style that suits your wrist.  As of this writing, the project is nearly at the funding goal of $15,000, with early bird deals on the small medium and large sizes still available at $30, $40 and $50 , respectively.

Twigs Woodwear Natural Time 02

This is a watch under $50, so don’t expect a lot of bells and whistles.  It is a simple 3-hander, with a Swiss quartz movement and mineral glass.  It is “splash” water resistant, so no swimming (or showering), and it is offered on two different leather or one cloth strap.  The company is selling other products, including a bamboo watch on their web site and wood sunglasses.  In addition to being a variation someone could introduce into their own rotation, I could also see this watch as a gift for a young adult or teen who does not currently wear a watch, as a way to get them to think about a wrist watch as an option in their life.

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Twigs Woodwear Natural Time
  • Price: $50 or less
  • Who we think it might be for: Someone looking for a different look in a fashion watch.
  • Would I buy or recommend it just on the photos?:  At this price, it is not going to be an amazing product, but I think it would be fun for the right peson.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: Offer other finishes/woods.
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch:  I like how the wood was used.

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Szanto 1100, A New Vintage Field Watch

Posted on 19 August 2014 by Matt Himmelstein

Szanto 1100 10 Szanto is a new brand, started by the the founder of Luminox, Barry Cohen.  They have been on quite a press push of late, getting watches  into the hands of several watch bloggers, so there are a few opinions out there for anyone wanting to survey a range of impressions.  They sent me three watches to check out, and the first one I thought I would tackle was the simplest of the three, the Szanto 1100 (1104 to be exact in my color combination) an attractive three hand quartz field watch. Continue Reading

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Vincero Watches – Heart and Stone

Posted on 18 August 2014 by Matt Himmelstein

Vincero Watches 02

I find it interesting when alternative materials are integrated into watches in an attractive way.  That is why I am drawn to some wooden watches, and also why I was interested in the Vincero Watches project up on Kickstarter right now.  For those of you who’s interests turn more to the solid feel of stone, this project may be something you want to check out. Continue Reading

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The Mijlo Everyday Watch, for Something different everyday

Posted on 15 August 2014 by Matt Himmelstein

Everyday Watch 01

Do you like a little variety on your wrist?  Do you want to coordinate your watch to your mood, or your clothes, or your activity?  The folks behind the Mijlo Everyday Watch have you covered, with an all-in-one offer of ten interchangeable watch looks through their recent Kickstarter project.

Continue Reading

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Garmin Approach S6, The Smartwatch I Might Want

Posted on 14 August 2014 by Matt Himmelstein

Garmin Approach S6 03

OK, I am not all that enamored with Smartwatches.  I carry my phone and love my iPad, but I don’t see where I really need to see who is calling or texting by glancing at my wrist.  And I am plenty active, I don’t need a fitness monitor either, so that functionality does not excite me either.  But I am also a golfer, albeit a terrible one, and the Garmin Approach S6 may finally be the smartwatch that I want to own.

Continue Reading

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Ritot Projection Watch, Too Big to Ignore

Posted on 12 August 2014 by Matt Himmelstein

Ritot 03

I view a lot of crowd funded projects, and have backed a couple of watch projects myself, but every once in awhile a project just blows up on a crowd funding site, and that is what has happened to the Ritot Projection watch on Indiegog0.  With the project slated to end funding on August 21, the watch project has already garnered over $750,000 in pledges against a goal of $50,000.  And it is a very cool concept.  I just wonder if it will ever make it past the point of being a concept. Continue Reading

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Projects Watches Twirl, Get Your Floating Hands Here

Posted on 11 August 2014 by Matt Himmelstein

Project Watch Twirl 01

Projects Watches is an interesting brand, putting out low cost quartz watches driven not be fashion, but by design aesthetic.  We have covered them on our pages before, and recently they reached out to us for a new watch they are debuting, the Projects Watches Twirl.  The brand’s tag line for the watch is “a new interpretation of time,” but I see it more as a unique but still readable variation on the standard 2-hander. Continue Reading

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