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Excellent Collection Shots

I love me a few good shots of Speedies in the wild. But dig that Eberhard!

Check out the rest here.

Dial Phone Watch

Man, I thought my Russian Zlatoust Diver was a beast. This thing is actually a voice watch dealie. You dial 117, the number for Japanese time and weather, and it repeats the time for you. I also think the name, Zihotch, is highly suggestive and can be used in everyday conversation. “What are you up to, zihotch?”

Check it out here.

New Old LED Watches

Very cool. Simon at LED-WATCH is selling new LED watches with the beautiful red LED readout in brand new cases for about $100 US. Extremely James Bondian. He’s even got a sexy new style, Space, coming in September.

Check them out here.

Please, Hammer…


Introducing the Nike Hammer. I know, nothing very special. It’s a big, beefy Nike watch that doesn’t seem to do very much at all, in fact, except look cool and yellow.

Check it out here.

Orbit Watch first picked this up but it’s a particularly clever little take on the whole sundial concept.

Check it out here.

Review – Seiko Sportura SNJ005

Standard excellent review by WatchReport. Nice look at a worldtime Seiko.

The SNJ005’s world time feature is probably its primary appeal. It allows you to easily check the time in one of 28 different cities, and to watch two time zones simultaneously. I really like the way you select cities with the SNJ005, as well. All 28 cities are abbreviated around the bezel of the watch starting with GMT at the 12 o’clock position, and whenever you are prompted to select a city (in time set mode, world time mode, and world alarm mode), you press a button to advance the second hand until it points to the desired city. In case you’re not sure what the abbreviation stands for, the full name of the city scrolls across the top LCD.
Watch Report | Review of the Seiko Sportura SNJ005

Nintendo Watches

Wow. These look nice. Full color screen? Pinch me!

UPDATE – Feh! You can’t play the games! How stupid.

Check them out here.

The Barcode Clock

A very cute barcode clock. The bottom LEDs show the hour and the minutes appear in green. Now if they could REALLY show the time in barcode and made you figure it out, that would be cool. But what do you want for $35?

Check it out here.

Cool B Version on Tokyoflash

I didn’t like the C Version but the B Version rocks.

i4u is offering free shipping. Click through to get it.

Check it out here.

Twelve 5-9

Hmm… I love watches and the people who sell them, but perhaps this isn’t quite the sales pitch they were going for:

You could impress your Grandmother with this watch!

Generally, its another TokyoFlash beast with a crazy time telling system. Very 70s LED.

Check it out here.