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Dive into the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto

When we got our loaners in for the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical, there was another watch lurking in the box as well. In case your predilections are more in the direction of water than land, have no fear – the Khaki lineup can still cover you. We spent some time with the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto, and are here to share our thoughts on the watch with you.

The Lum-Tec M82 is a watch, not a road in Michigan

For those who did not ever live in Michigan, that title might take a little explaining. Well, to simplify it a bit, it’s a state road designation (IE, M-14), and for some reason that free association happened when I was taking a look at what the Lum-Tec M82 has to offer.

Going Retro with the Certina DS PH200M

Back in the 1960’s Certina made the PH200M dive watch. This is a no nonsense, get the job done, sort of a diver. For being “just” a tool watch, it still looks good. There are still some vintage models floating around out there, but now you can get a new one. Certina has brought it back with their new Certina DS PH200M. I was able to get a hold of one to review, and I am liking it.

Hands on with the Davosa Neoteric Pilot

Davosa has some really nice, well-made watches. I have had a chance to review several of them, and have been really impressed so far. Normally I am more into divers but one of their models caught my attention. While checking out their list of models I came across the Neoteric Pilot 42mm. Davosa was able to send one out to review.

Sweet Georgia Brown – it’s the Tissot Chrono XL NBA Collector Special Edition

As you are likely aware, Tissot is the official timekeeper for NBA. I mean, you can’t let Omega take all of the timing glory for the Swatch group, right? To date, they’ve released watches specifically in reference to a single team. So, if they had one for your favorite team, you were in luck. Everyone else? Tough luck. Well, until now. For all those superfans, or folks who just really like the NBA in general, we’ve got the Tissot Chrono XL NBA Collector Special Edition.

Going pro with the Nodus Avalon

It was almost a year ago when Nodus first graced our pages, with Jim’s review of the Nodus Trieste (you can check that out here). I’ve been aware of the brand in the intervening time, but had not had the opportunity to check them out in person. That is, until they went PRO! Or, you know, create a professional dive watch (as defined by the WR rating) known heretofore as the Nodus Avalon.

Introducing the Mido Baroncelli Midnight Blue

There are a few things that should be immediately clear with today’s Mido announcement: I like blue watches, and I am fond of the Baroncelli lineup (you can see my last hands-on here). While normally we might give things a sort of “meh” shoulder shrug when it’s a new dial color coming in, today, there’s nothing meh about the Mido Baroncelli Midnight Blue.

I want this one in my Batcave: the Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500 GMT Premium

When it comes to watches, we all have our own varying tastes. Sure, we can appreciate merits of certain watches, but it’s rare – at least in my experience – to run into another person who has as visceral of a reaction to a watch as I do. Take my buddy (and fellow WWR editor) Victor Marks. We can appreciate what the other likes, but our tastes are a bit divergent. At least, until I ran across the Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500 GMT Premium. It immediately became a synchronized chant of “DO WANT” in our messages back and forth.

Lining up the Diefendorff Cornelius 1776

Your eyes do not deceive you – this is the second time, in fairly short succession, that we’re talking about the watch brand out of New York, Diefendorff.  The last time around, John really took things on the New York angle.  Our second look comes from the Second City, and will let you know what a Chicagoan thinks of the Diefendorff Corenelius 1776.

Time sync that is out of this world with the Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Freedom

One of the oldest watches I’ve got in my collection (and the first one I spent more than $100 on) is my trusty ol’ G-Shock.  The reason I bought that watch – blue dial aside – is because I was enamored by the solar-powered energy cell and the atomic clock time sync.  I mean, what’s not to like about a watch that (more or less) never needs a new battery and is always accurate?  It’s still a trusty timepiece (it’s become my yard work watch), but I always found the atomic sync to be finicky.  Well, that’s where something like today’s watch, the Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Freedom, steps in.