The big date complication is one of those things that I never really expected to like – or see a need for – but it certainly has grown on me. Then again, my eyes are aging a bit, so perhaps that is the impetus. Whatever your reasoning may be, it is of note that our friends in Poland, G. Gerlach, now have big date models back in stock.


Why did this happen? Frankly, they had no other choice, as Seagull had stopped production of the ST2526 movement, and G. Gerlach had used up all of the stock they had (sidebar here: this is exhibit A in why having a variety of movements available in the market is a good thing!). So, how are they producing their watches again?


It is not because Seagull changed their mind. Rather, G. Gerlach has taken the ST2525 and modified it themselves to get the big date complication back in play. This is something that I really like to hear about, brands taking something that was an off-the-shelf component and modifying it to meet their needs.


This modified movement will show up in two different models. The first, the G. Gerlach Batory, is available in either Roman numerals (which is shipping now) or Arabic, which will begin shipping at the end of September. The other watch I think is my favorite of the two, the G. Gerlach Lux Sport, which will also be shipping at the end of September. Pricing for the watches is around $372 (plus shipping), be it the Batory or Lux Sport.


Along with these changes, they have also come up with an exhibition caseback that can be put onto several of their watches (RWD-6, Lux Sport, Porsche Club Poland, Batory II, Lux Sport II). This is a ~ $26 add-on for new watches, and of course could be ordered separately for an existing watch in your collection. Things had been quiet from Poland for a bit now, but it seems that G. Gerlach is once again charging out of the gates.


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Last Update: September 15, 2015