I hope you guys are enjoying this podcast. We have a blast putting it together and this episode we talk about some great watches for you and yours along with some real junk.

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  1. Great podcast! I just want to say that a good way to bypass the clueless sales men is to find the local, independent store in your area that specializes in watches. Stay away from huge Tourneau-like chains and department stores … Rolex dealers are borderline! A good sign is that a store sells pre-owned watches, which means that they have to know about the watch world in general instead of just about the brands they carry. Two good examples of stores where the salespeople know what they are talking about are Exquisite in Florida (exquisitetimepieces.com) and of course Matt Baily in Quebec (mattbaily.ca).

  2. I’m surprised you have a beef with TAG Heuer. Admittedly, I haven’t bought any for about 10 years. And those F1’s are pretty hideous.

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