When we see watch brands celebrating anniversaries, they tend to be in the double (and sometimes triple) digits, and that’s great for brands that have been around for forever. We like seeing those, but we’re also a champion of the little guy, those scrappier independents who deliver amazing looks on our wrists at very affordable prices. It’s almost a surprise that Baltic has been around for 5 years now, but they have – and they’ve introduced a special version of their Baltic Aquascaphe Dual-Crown.

Now, by it’s very name, the Baltic Aquascaphe Dual-Crown tells you is their dual-crown diver that’s been around for a bit – it’s a solid look, with a case that manages to hit 200m of WR without being overly chunky, and also gives us a clean and legible dial and handset. So, how do they take this established design to mark this milestone? Well, just like the big brands do – new colors!

If you stop there, though, you’re selling this Baltic Aquascaphe Dual-Crown a bit short. The brand reached into the roots of their founders, and decided to celebrate the 1990s. Here, it comes through in colors that I view as almost a Joker palette (then again, I am a Bat-fan). On the dial, the timing bezel has purple from 0 to 15 minutes, the indices and minute hand are ringed in turquoise green, and then tip of the seconds hand gets hit with a shot of orange.

Those differing colors also means we get different colors out of the lume when the lights go down, and it’s something I never get tired of seeing. Once the lights are back up, you’ve also got a choice of straps coming as well. Both are tropic rubber, one done in the turquoise and one in purple. And hey, once you have the watch, no one can stop you from mixing and matching those straps, either – be as wild as you want to be.

For this special edition of the Baltic Aquascaphe Dual-Crown, they’re only going to be offering 200 pieces of the watch, and those are numbered on the caseback. Want to pick one up? They’re going for 650€ (approx $710) which does not include VAT. Their watches tend to go like hotcakes, so if you’re thinking of one, head on over to baltic-watches.com

Tech Specs from Baltic

  • Case
    • Stainless steel, 39mm
    • 47mm lug-to-lug
    • 11.9mm thick (including crystal)
    • 20mm lugs
  • Crystal: domed sapphire with AR coating
  • Movement: Miyota 9039
  • Strap: two tropic rubber straps included, turquoise and purple
  • Bezel: Internal bi-directional bezel
  • Dial: glossy black finish with Super Luminova BGW9
  • WR: 200m
  • Limited Edition: 200 pieces

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Last Update: April 11, 2022