Ever since I discovered that micro rotor movements where a thing, I was fascinated. It combines the (relatively) input-free nature of an automatic movement with the thinness that is more commonly associated with manually-wound movements (as it doesn’t need the space for a traditionally-sized rotor). In other words, the best of both worlds, in my book. These movements tend to be in the realm of higher-end luxury watches, but now we’ve got one coming for us sub-$1000 watch fans – the Baltic MR01.

Baltic MR01 micro-rotor

Vintage with a twist

Now, if you’re familiar with Baltic (and you should be at this point) you realize that they’ve got a thing for vintage designs. The Baltic MR01 is no exception to this “rule”, and presents very much as a classic dress watch. This is helped along by the polished Breguet numerals, as well as the polished handset. Even the small-seconds has that vintage vibe, though here it’s shifted. The 8 o’clock position is a unique one for small seconds, and gives you that visual kick. I also appreciate the fact that it’s placed in a way that doesn’t cut off any of the main numerals.

Baltic MR01 case and movement

The case of the Baltic MR01 is very vintage as well. Coming in a 36mm, it’s calling back to a bygone era of smaller watches, and calling out to wrists that just want something a bit more compact. When you flip the watch over to see the movement (the ELA05MN from Hangzou) you can see that it’s appropriately fit to the case as well. No extra large spacers or anything – the case is as big as it needs to be to fit the movement. And it’s as tall as it needs to be as well. Once you include the domed acrylic crystal, you’re just under 10mm thick. That’s quite thin for an automatic, no matter how you slice it.

Baltic MR01 micro-rotor

So, yeah, I’m a bit taken by the Baltic MR01. The dial looks great (in blue, salmon, or silver), the sizing is delightful, and it contains a type of movement that not many of of us have ever actually seen in person. Better yet, this watch is still quite-affordable. For those outside the EU, it’ll run you 542€ (approx $630) while those in the EU have VAT to deal with, bringing the pricing up to 650€. In this first batch, only 200 of each dial color are going to be produced, so there is a chance that they could get snapped up quickly. Check out the details, and order your own, over at baltic-watches.com

UPDATE: Now available in gold PVD!

Baltic MR01 micro-rotor

Baltic MR01

  • 36mm diameter x 44mm L2L case in Steel.
  • 8mm case height + 1,9mm domed glass (acrylic) 9,9mm total.
  • Automatic Micro-rotor ELA05MN movement (Made by Hangzou, a competitor of Seagull movement) with +20/-20sec a day and 42h power reserve.
  • Assembled and adjusted in France in our atelier
  • 542€ (without taxes) / 650€ (Taxes included)
  • Individually numbered for the first batch (200pcs for each dial)

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Last Update: March 5, 2024