I can’t say as that I’m all that familiar with the world of street art, but Undone is doing their best to help educate me (and, presumably, some of you). Their latest collaboration is with Kevin Lyons and his iconic monsters are taking center stage on the watches, of which there are actually 37 variants for the Undone x Kevin Lyons collabo.

Now, to my eye (being as untrained an unfamiliar as I am with his art), these monsters sort of change a 60s vs the 80s style of fun and funky artwork that I was used to seeing as a kid growing up in the 80s. While they’re monsters in name, the art is just quirky and light, and puts a bit of a smile on the dial and your face.

As I mentioned, there are 37 variants of the Undone x Kevin Lyons. Thirty-six of these actually come from the semi-custom option they’ve got (you know, Undone’s roots) where you can choose from one of six monsters, and one of six phrases to have combined on the bright white dial. Or, if you want to really embrace the artistic creation, you can go for the Limited Edition version (my favorite of the bunch) that just has a collage of monsters filling the dial from edge to edge, giving you a blast of colors and all sorts of details to uncover.

Now, if you actually like to use your chronograph to time things (which you certainly can with the mecha-quartz movement held here) then you’ll want the semi-custom version. For me, and my own particular aversion to chronographs, well, the Undone x Kevin Lyons LE wins out again, as the busy design just obscures the chrono registers, and hides them away on the dial itself, while the bright pink central seconds draws the eye.

The Undone x Kevin Lyons is available now, and the sem-custom version will run you $349 while the LE with it’s custom artwork comes in at $399, is limited to 300 pieces worldwide, and comes with your very own monster print. Check it all out – and even build your own – over at undone.com

Tech Specs from Undone

  • White dial with your choice of one of (6) monsters and (6) phrases (36 unique combinations) for the custom option
  • Case: 40mm; 47.6mm lug-to-lug
  • 12.7mm thick
  • Hardened K1 Mineral crystal
  • Japanese TMI VK61 Mecha-quartz chronograph movement
  • 30m WR rating
  • Pricing
    • Undone x Kevin Lyons LE: $399
    • Undone x Kevin Lyons customizable: $349

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Last Update: October 5, 2021