A Swedish design house, Linjer, has released a new crowdfunded three-hander and broke through their funding goal of $15,000 in a few minutes. When the smoke cleared on the first day the company cleared $145,000 for their minimalist quartz pieces, an amazing feat.

The watches are basic Ronda three-handers with a beveled or non-beveled dial. Starting at $159 they are closer to Christopher Ward than anything else and purely a fashion item but, given the clear interest in the brand and the 800+ backers, they struck a chord.

The watches come in three sizes and various styles including an all black model with white pips. They plan on shipping in November.

Why the world needs another minimalist watch is a question for another time and place but good on the team for blasting out a massive crowdfunding campaign in such a short time.

Last Update: July 14, 2016

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