As you may imagine (and we’ve written about), we get flooded with requests from random people and brands wanting us to talk about their new watch that they’re putting up on a crowd-funding site. Most of these are parts-bin garbage with nothing to differentiate themselves, and we just delete the email. The Grayton Quinary offers something a little different, so here we are today.

Per their own materials, the Grayton Quinary is a dressier sport watch, and I can kind of see that. A 40m steel case gives it that sportier feel (especially as it’s not highly polished), but the dial and handset put you more in mind of a dressier watch. Past those elements (and the deluge of dial colors), what really makes the Grayton Quinary different from any other basic three-hander?

Well, it would have to be the movement. Not so much the presence of the Seiko NH35, but the fact that you can get the rotor custom engraved (looks via a laser engraver on their project page), allowing you to up your customization levels for sure.

The other big differentiator for the Grayton Quinary is it’s pricing. While the MSRP is $330, you can get them from the crowdfunding for just $159 ($179 if you want Xmas delivery), which includes the bracelet and leather strap. In other words, this is the Seiko of days gone by – an automatic movement inside, classic styling, 100m WR, and a very affordable price point. Check it out (and plan your custom rotor) over at /

Tech Specs from Grayton

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