I’m an Omega-lover to my core… not sure why, but over the few years I’ve been collecting, Omega has consistently excited and invited me without putting me off with odd designs and frou-frou styling. I wear my Seamaster Pro Chrono daily, rarely swapping it for other watches, and until it breaks or pulls me to the bottom of the ocean, that probably won’t change.

That said, I also like my Speedmaster Triple Calendar. I’ve had it for about a year now and didn’t write it up simply because I’m too lazy. However, it’s a real charmer.

This model, known as Speedmaster Day Date (I can’t find the official designation), came from the late 1990s/early 2000s. It has a grey face and dual colored two-hour dial along with a day-month register at 12 o’clock and a fourth hand that indicates the day of the month. It’s not a perpetual calendar, so it gets a little wonky in February. It runs a modified version of the Valjoux 7751 movement without the moonphase.

The scale around the edge is pushed down, strangely enough, unlike the standard Speedmasters. This gives the entire watch a dome-shape. It has a sapphire crystal and solid back along with two pushers for the chronometer, a three position crown, and a little button at 11 o’clock to set the day of week.

Setting this watch is actually quite easy. First, you hit the right month, then the right day, then the day of week. It all changes at the 31st, so if the month is shorter you have to manually move things back or forward as necessary. I keep this watch on a winder because I never want to have to set it again.

Aesthetically, I like this style over the new, coaxial version of this watch. The newer versions stick to the traditional black/white Speedmaster coloration and, although they come in other colors, I think this coloration AND the new black/white are about tied for elegance if not legibility.

Why don’t I wear this watch every day? I’m worried I’ll break it, for one. While the Seamaster has lots of wide, curved surfaces, this watch is all bezels and corners. A few nicks in the wrong spot and you’ve got an 80% watch rather than a 95%. The clasp is also kind of chintzy. It’s a push-button mechanism hidden under an Omega symbol on the band. I had this watch very loose for a while, but I just tightened it and it feels lightly better, but it’s still not my favorite.

Overall, the Speedmaster Day Date is a great way to get cool complications at a not too shabby price. I’ve seen these fellows go for about $2000 and the movement is a real classic, offering lots of functionality on a readable dial. It’s a mid-sized watch, not huge, and this particular model is an odd tribute to the psychedelia of the 1970s while still maintaining some sense of decorum. It’s not my absolute favorite, but it’s good friend.


  1. I really like the seamaster pro, but having tried on several different speedmasters, they just look awkward on my wrist. Maybe it’s because they look too vintage, I don’t know.

  2. I have one of these watches too. I checked the serial number with Omega and they tell me my specific watch was manufactured in 1998 and that the official model designation is 3520.53.00. I bought it new in Sydney Australia, pretty much around that time so it’s been beating for about 9 to 10 years.

    I wear it most of the time. I agree, the original metal strap never felt fully secure to me and while I experimented with good quality leather bands (which would end up becoming quite odoriferous after about 12 months, I have now fashioned a band out of $1 velcro fastener tape from K-Mart. Good enough for Buzz – good enoough for me.

    After the original band broke (in that little clip over area) I considered replacing it with a genuine replacement from the manufacturer but the price was horrendous.

    Hope you enjoy your watch as much as I do mine.

    Best, W.

  3. This is the Michael Schumacher Speedmaster. I have worn mine everyday for the past 7 years. Except for the two times it has been in for routine service. If you look hard enough you will find info and old advertisements with MS wearing and promoting the watch early in his career when he drove for Benneton.

    its a great watch.

  4. Just picked one up from the bay. It came from Vision of Luxury Jewelers an I got it for $1800. It has become my daily wearer replacing my Tissot Titanium T-touch.Im looking for a leather band that I have seen on a few of these. Apparently it came with a SS braclet or a black leather band. Feel free to e-mail me if anyone comes across one.
    Thanks, BC

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  6. @Anonymous
    I Have the same watch and looking to sell it in the next week or so. I just got a new seamaster chrono. I’d be happy to send you pictures. I would be shipping from washington DC.

  7. Just got one on eBay for $1300.00. I believe these to be a real sleeper when it comes to value and collecting. We shall see but either way I’m in the club!

  8. I have purchased one on-line today and can’t wait to to receive it. I looked around for a classic Omega and this is one of my favourite designs.

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