In the world of horology, the Scottish brand anOrdain has been making waves with its unique and somewhat bespoke approach to watchmaking. This brand, known for its exquisite enamel dials and transparency in its watchmaking process, has been a subject of fascination for many.

The allure of owning a Model 2 from their collection is a dream many hold dear. But let’s shift gears from these horological musings; there’s another intriguing development in the watchmaking world involving Paulin Watches. anOrdain, with its successful line of watches including the Model 1, has now welcomed fellow Scottish watchmaker Paulin as a sister brand. This is a testament to the success that anOrdain has been enjoying.

Paulin Watches, a company with a rich family history, was established by three sisters – Elizabeth, Charlotte, and Eleanor Paulin. Their creative lineage can be traced back to their great-grandfather. The company, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in August this year, will continue to operate as a separate brand, sharing a studio and facilities with anOrdain in their Glasgow workshop. The ties between the two companies run deep, with anOrdain’s Lewis Heath and Charlotte Paulin united in matrimony. Further strengthening this familial bond, Imogen Ayres, anOrdain’s type designer, will take on the role of Paulin’s creative director. In a move that promises a fresh direction, both brands have committed to producing Paulin’s watches in Scotland, maintaining a transparent supplier list and pricing all models under the $1,000 mark. This commitment to transparency will undoubtedly be appreciated by consumers who value understanding the production journey of the timepiece they wear.

The company also plans to train five new watchmakers over the next year to support local production. In a joint venture, anOrdain and Paulin have been developing plans to release the new Modul watch, equipped with either a top-grade La Joux-Perret D100 movement or a new old stock (NOS) quartz movement from ETA. Lewis Heath, the founder of anOrdain, believes that the acquisition of Paulin will open up new creative avenues for both brands. He envisions this partnership as an opportunity for their designers and watchmakers to experiment with new ideas in design and manufacturing, thereby reaching a wider audience. As we look back on the ten-year journey of Paulin and the recent backing from anOrdain, the future of these brands appears promising. It will be fascinating to see what this new chapter brings. Here’s to wishing both brands continued success in their horological endeavors! /

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Last Update: August 22, 2023