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Great Gifts For The Watch Lover In Your Life: The Orange Monster (Seiko SKX781)

Posted on 18 November 2013 by John Biggs

Welcome to the WWR Gift Guide, our annual run-down of some of our favorite watches. Today let’s look at the famed Orange Monster AKA Seiko SKX781 Automatic Dive Watch. This is my absolute favorite beginning collector’s watch and, at about $200, it is very reasonably priced.
No sub $200 watch holds so much cachet and rapt attention as the Orange Monster. It is hefty, colorful, beefy, and cool. It is extremely solid, extremely reliable, and water resistant to 200 meters. Why is the Orange Monster so popular? It’s inexpensive, it’s fun, and it’s a Seiko. It’s a beater, but it’s a beater that will get you compliments.
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Orange You Glad I Said Seiko? (REVIEW) (Part 2)

Posted on 25 December 2011 by Patrick Kansa

In yesterday’s post, I started giving you my thoughts on the classic Seiko Orange Monster.  Today, we’ll wrap things up.  We left off yesterday with what struck me first – its size and heft.  Now, on to the other observations that surprised me.

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Orange You Glad I Said Seiko? (REVIEW) (Part 1)

Posted on 24 December 2011 by Patrick Kansa

Been a Seiko kick here for a few days, so I thought I’d keep the ball rolling with a review I’ve had kicking around for a few weeks now.  Now, given that I’ve told you it’s a Seiko, and Orange is in the title, 99% of you have figured out we’re talking about the ultimate entry-level automatic dive-watch, the Seiko Orange Monster.  (For the other 1%, just look over there at the picture.)

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Seiko E-Ink Watch Now Available For Pre-Order In Japan

Posted on 12 November 2010 by John Biggs

If you’ve been looking to slap a little E-Ink on your wrist and didn’t want to go the Phosphor route, Seiko has the watch for you. The Seiko E-Ink watch is essentially a high-tech LCD watch using E-Ink as the display medium, thereby reducing battery drain.
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This man loves Seikos, Iron Maiden

Posted on 20 November 2009 by John Biggs

Seiko held a contest last summer asking folks what they thought of Seiko watches. Here, friends, is the winner, a charming young lad from Singapore who likes long walks on the beach, Iron Maiden, and mountains. Good on you, sir. Good on you.

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Quick Review: Seiko World Timer

Posted on 19 April 2008 by John Biggs


This watch is the right tool set for me; HH:MM:SS and date, a second time zone, and an alarm that can be used as a timer. The 100mm water resistence is another requirement, and this makes that gate. The 5T82 movement is a little large at 40mm w/o the crown, 44mm w/, and 10mm thick, and not quite as easy to use as the earlier and now discontinued Seiko SEL series with the 5T52, but I like it. Especially useful is the second time zone, as the bezel has markings to indicate the second time zone, and you can change it with the buttons. Unlike the earlier movement you have to take the watch off to use the alarm/timer, and it has to be reset for each use, but it is not that difficult to use. Yeah, the face is a little busy, but until Seiko has the wisdom to re-release the 5T52 movement or comes up with one that is as easy to use, this will definitely do.

The only mechanical that comes close is the Panerai PAM 98 with the second time zone and an alarm, but that remains out of my reach for the foreseeable future. And given the price of that fine timepiece, I wouldn’t wear it for travel in more interesting (and less safe) parts of the world. The Seiko is only a quartz, but does what I need it to, especially when traveling.

Louis at was great. Very responsive, answered questions quickly, had good prices, shipped promptly, and provided all the documentation. Thanks again, Louis!

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Seiko Velatura SRH005 video review from

Posted on 27 November 2007 by John Biggs

# Seiko’s new Direct Drive Kinetic movement. The watch can be charged manually by hand winding it, and it charges naturally as the movement of your arm rotates an internal rotor.
# Anti-reflective sapphire crystal.
# Date at the 6 o’clock position, and a retrograde day indicator.
# Stainless steel case and bracelet.
# Three-fold clasp with push-button release.
# Very bright LumiBrite paint on the hour hand, minute hand, and on the hour indices.
# Recessed reset button in case the integrated circuit ever needs a quick reboot.
# Automatic hand alignment which ensures that the power indicator hand is always accurate (calibration occurs every 24 hours).
# Water resistant to 10 bar, 100 meters, or 330 feet.

Review of the Seiko Velatura SRH005 – Watch Reviews, Information, and News

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Charging a Kinetic With a Sonicare Toothbrush Charger

Posted on 29 January 2007 by John Biggs

philips-sonicare-elite.jpgUmm? Amazing? True? Dangerous?

Last night, when I was brushing my teeth with my sonicare tootbrush, I thought of using the charger to charge my watch. I said, what the heck, my watch is 7 years old anyway and I put the watch on top of the toothbrush charger. I left it overnight and lo and behold this morning , it was at full charge. The only thing I noticed is that the watch is a bit warm and I thought it might have been overcharged. Up to now, the watch is in full charge. It would have been better if I had monitored the charging until it was full charge or used a timer to avoid overcharging.

Seiko & Citizen Forum

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