We’ve reviewed plenty of Timex models here over the last year or so, including a few from the weekender collection.  We’ve also brought you some other women’s models – today is the first time we’ve been able to combine both of those categories, though.

If you’re not familiar with the Weekender line from Timex, just know that they’re stylish quartz-powered pieces that are very affordable.  Today, we’ll be looking at the T2N755KW (Men’s) and T2N776KW (Women’s) model.

Now, while these aren’t identical pieces, they do share quite a few similarities.  Most obvious would be the woven straps that both have.  Both my wife and I found these to be very comfortable.  They allowed for a nice bit of stretch, and since they don’t have fixed holes for the tang on the buckle, you can get the exact fit on your wrist that you want.  On the men’s model, this strap is 18mm wide; on the women’s, it’s 16mm.


Tracing down the other similarities, you’ve got the excellent Indiglo backlight, cases made of brass (36mm by 9mm for the men’s watch, 25mm by 8mm for the women’s), mineral crystals and 30m water resistance ratings.  They also feature quartz movements, as to be expected at this pricepoint.  While accurate, they do seem to be noisy, like other Weekender models we’ve reviewed here.

His: lumed hands, uneven backlight

Though, at an asking price of $48 apiece, something like a slightly noisy movement can be overlooked.  And, I realize that perhaps these specific models may not be to your liking (my wife didn’t particularly care for the color of the strap), the Weekender line is a very affordable path if you’d like to pick up coordinated watches for your significant other for the summer.


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