No, no, I didn”t mis-type the work steampunk – I”m hacking apart that more familiar work into what I think this new watch from Angular Momentum really represents.

While steampunk focuses in on replacing the modern look of technology with paraphernalia of the steam-powered era, I think this new watch really would be better tied to an older, nautical, era.  This is primarily due to the fact it looks like a brass porthole was ripped from a ship, shrunk, and then slapped onto a strap – and I, for one, am intrigued.


Of course, large parts of that likely have to do with the materials involved – bronze, brass and German silver.  You also have a sapphire crystal, plenty of large lume pips, and a way to track dive time.  Inside that massive 60mm case you have a hand-winding movement, the caliber FHF 72 (you can read more about this vintage movement here).


I also wanted to point out the lume being used on this watch – it seems like a very cool combination of an enamel along with the luminous material – which should make for an interesting look even when not glowing.  From their site:

Èmail Lumineuse
The Èmail Lumineuse is a recent development of Angular Momentum and a fusion of enamel and a non-radioactive, organic substance which is in the position to glow for many hours after being loaded under light for a period of 10 minutes. The Èmail Lumineuse used on the Dive-Tec/500 is „Aqua Blue“ for the secondary information indexes and hour hand and the quick loading „Pale Green“ for the primary information: indexes dive time and minute hand. The glowing capacity of the Email Lumineuse exeeds those of the the luminous substances used in Horology today by far.


Just a lot of great elements coming together in this piece – and that”s what you want when you”re having a hand-made, one-of a kind (yes, this is a collection of 11, but each will have variations) sort of a watch.  Given that, it”s not surprising pricing is estimated to start at around $8500 or so. Not the most affordable bronze watch we”ve shown here, but it”s one of the bolder and more interesting designs  (if you like this look, but want a lower price point, check out what we had to say about the Tool Watch).



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