Bathys watches are some of my favorites. Created by a young man named John Patterson who lives in Hawai’i, they’re aimed at surfers and outdoorsy types who don’t want to look like Captain Digitalpants while wearing a big, wonky wrist computer.

He just announced two new models, the Ti-Quartz Benthic (top) and the Lunar Wahine (above). The Ti-Quartz has a Ronda 7003.N movement with large date and retrograde day. It has a timing bezel and should cost about $950. The Lunar Wahine has a moon phase complication and is a bit smaller – 36mm – for the ladies. It costs $795.

He also started a new fan site, Bathys Club and added a blog and events page. Considering Patterson is basically making these watches out of a shack on the beach the man is becoming a true horology legend. I love his automatics but these quartz pieces are striking as well.


  1. I am huge admirer of the look of Bathys up until now. Of these two new releases, I very much like the frirst one displayed, but the ‘luna wahine’ looks seriously dorky and awful. The one with the little stars on its face. GAG. That’s not Bathys style!

    p.s. CONGRATS on the book deal, John!

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