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Sneak Peek: The MAEN Skymaster 38 is coming

MAEN is exactly what we like to see: They began life making a very nice quartz moonphase. And that would have been enough, but they have since followed up with the hard work of making automatics like the Hudson diver. What do they decide to do after making the Hudson? This is a sneak peek at the Skymaster 38 Automatic Chronograph.

The Maen Hudson 38 preorder is closing – and a new Maen is on the way

As it is with so many things, tastes in watch design seem to go in cycles. Materials and colors are hot for a year or two, then fall out of favor as something new comes onto the scene. This has also been true for case sizes. While there are still some brands making rather large cases (over 45mm), we’re seeing brands bringing smaller watches to market. One of the latest of these is the Maen Hudson 38.

The return of MAEN: The Hudson 38

We last saw MAEN when we reviewed the quartz-powered Moonphase. It was a fine watch, but it didn’t really get me smack in the cockles and sub-cockles of my heart. The important thing to remember is, just because someone’s done something before, it doesn’t define what they’ll do next. As Sinatra sang, “the best is yet to come”.  So it is with MAEN, who are back with the Hudson 38, an automatic, vintage-sized dive watch.