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Introducing: the Marloe Pacific collection


Recently, the Marloe Watch Company presented their brand-new luxury collection, Pacific. Before covering those new watches, let’s talk about the brand for just a moment. Founded in Scotland in 2015 by Oliver Goffer and Gordon Fraser, they are independent watch designers and producers that specialize in hand wound and automatic mechanical pieces.  Now let me introduce their latest and in my opinion their greatest range. The Marloe Pacific range features four models: Pacific 52, Pacific 55, Pacific 66 and the Pacific 72. Along with the names, they all have one thing in common – Aviation .

In Review: Marloe Solent


While we can’t claim to have been watching Scotland-based Marloe since they started out, they’ve very firmly landed on our radar for their clean designs. You may be rowing the same boat, and wondering how these watches are in person. Well, we just spent some time with a loaner of the Marloe Solent, so we can give you some insight.

Introducing: Marloe Coniston Centenary


Watch brands partnering up with names and brands from the racing world is nothing new. What is uncommon, however, for a watch brand to all but make itself invisible on the dial of their watch, lending preference to their partner. That is precisely what we’re seeing on the Marloe Coniston Centenary though.