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Luminor vs. DeVille


Two great tastes that taste great together – the DeVille and the Luminor. I like the Luminor better – the DeVille line is a little busy. But nicey nicey.

Luminor vs DeVille – Watchuseek Watch Forums [Watchuseek Watch Forums]

Omega Constellation Blog


piepan gold top 551.jpgIt takes all types, apparently, so now there’s a blog dedicated to the Omega Constellation. I have a Constellation that my Dad gave me – beautiful little piece, very elegant, but the modern line really hasn’t caught my attention. Maybe now that there’s a blog, I’ll pay a bit more attention.

Omega Constellation Collectors [via

Emirates Team Zealand Wins One for the Gipper


Omega has been sponsoring the Emirates Team Zealand and they recently won the “Act 12 in Valencia, Spain and ended first in the general ranking of this season’s ACC Championship.” How this effects our small, meaningless lives in our sad-eyed cubicles is beyond me, but they do get a really nice regatta watch.

Cindy Dresses Up in Diamonds

Cindy-Tall.jpgNot quite watchy, but Cindy Crawford is now flogging Omega’s Aqua jewelry line – The Jewelry for Women Whose Men Like Omegas.

As an ambassador for the Swiss brand for 10 years, Ms. Crawford has consistently communicated the values of the brand all over the world. “The OMEGA Jewelry collection comprises distinctive pieces, with each one a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and style. I am thrilled to continue my relationship and work with Omega as an ambassador,” said Cindy.


Here we see her wearing the Aqua collection, “comprised of earrings ($50,000), bracelet ($80,000) and necklace ($150,000).”

Speedmaster With a Bezel: A Girl Can Dream

speedybezel.jpgVelociphile ponders the idea of a Speedmaster with a bezel. The improvements would be obvious and manifold, but Omega knows that if they re-jigger the style too much, they’ll piss off the thousands and thousands of new people each year who buy the Speedmaster Professional the same way record companies know that folks will go to college and buy Dave Matthew’s CDs – A back catalog is a precious commodity. Anyway, wouldn’t it be nice?

A bezel would have given them 3 separate timing systems, a slow to work out one (hour and minute time), a quick one (bezel) and an accurate and fast one (chrono).

Ultimate Speedmaster (more) [Velociphile]

Omega Dynamic Setting Question


Just picked up this NOS Omega Dynamic… looks real, works well. I’m trying to set the day-date. Does anyone know how to do it? I pulled the crown out to a “third” position, which just spins. Not sure if I’m missing something?

UPDATE – So you actually pull the crown out all the way to flip the date. Very strange. Thanks, Ben.

Oof! Waiting is the Hardest Part Part Deux


Ok, so I guess I’m OK. I just hope I don’t get my Seamaster back in the same shape !

When the watch first came back (about a month late against the estimate) it had been gouged by the tooling and was sent back for polishing but after rework it came back with a new gouge! This, to save time, was polished out in a couple of days by a local watch repairer kindly arranged by my dealer to alleviate my frustration at this stage. I received my watch back on 10 Oct 2003 (2 months later than the original estimate). This was short lived however, as within about 2 days the lower chrono button was loose and hanging off. It was returned once again for rework.

I picked up my Speedmaster on 5 November 2003, nearly 6 months after originally dropping it off for service. Ironically, I also picked up my (perfectly) repaired Seamaster on the same date. The Speedmaster was apparently working fine gaining ~6 secs/day. However, in February 2004, I noticed that not only was the watch apparently letting water in (splashed from hand washing) the chronograph second sweep hand now resets around +2secs.

I’d say that we actually need more watchmakers. I’ve been considering going to watch repair school at some point, and this might be the time.

Omega Speedmaster Service Screwed up by Swatch! [Velociphile]

Waiting is the Hardest Part

So I put a Seamaster Chrono in for some repair with the Swatch Group. Called once in April… “Oh, it’ll be ready in a week. Call back.” Ok. Cool. Call again: June 29th, baby, but don’t worry, we’ve got the parts! Then I call today and they tell me July 19. Seriously. I’m all for taking time and doing things right, but this is just ridiculous. If Apple, Lexus, or Bose, or any of those high-end folks tried this, they’d be shut down in a week.

Limited Edition 007 Omega Seamaster

0d84067547d8c87408b938a3669d82f6.jpgDum diddle-ee dum dum dum… dum diddle-ee dum dum dum! Dum dum dum dum, dum dum dummmmm!

Omega just launched a limited edition 007 Seamaster for about $3,400. It has a 007 camera iris on the dial and a 007 co-branded case back, seconds hand, and band. Made in honor of the next Bond flick, This Franchise Is Forver, they’re only casing 10,007 of these, so act quick.

I love a good Seamaster, but I’m kind of non-plussed. I’m going to try to get non-watermarked pictures for you all, but you can check out the even images at some crappy photo hosting page that sucks.

Full specs after the jump.

Review – Omega Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50.00


Writing about the Omega Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50.00 is like trying to write about a classic muscle car. Words fail you and you fall back on cliche – classic, understated, collectable, impressive. It’s because of this that I took so long to start writing about my own Reduced – or Automatic, if you will – and why it’s one of the most important timepieces in horology.

The Speedmaster Professional is the moon watch, the one work by Buzz Aldrin on the first moon walk. The Speedmaster Reduced Automatic is the post-moon watch. It is a beautiful reduction of everything we love about the Pro with none of the manual winding hassle. With a stark black face and beautiful white baton hands, the Reduced allows you to own a piece of history while making the leap into a new era.