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Historical Horology: Automotive Pairings




Most people who appreciate mechanical watches, especially vintages ones, really get into the guts and details of what those marvelous mini-machines on their wrists are doing. To be sure, the mechanics of most of those are tucked safely away in metal – just like the engines of many a vintage car.

And it’s there that there are more parallels to be drawn than a simple carmaker logo showing up on the dial of a watch. Like a fine (vintage) watch, there’s much to be appreciated about an older vehicle. Therefore, why not try to pair the two together? Much like a burger and a beer (or scotch and steak), you can combine a car and a watch to great effect.


And as I read this article over on Gear Patrol (link), I couldn’t help but think that they were unintentionally creating an unspoken pairing – that of the watch and car to the personality of the person who might be looking to make these sorts of matches in the real world. This realization came to me when I reached their pairing of the Land Rover Defender and Rolex Explorer.


Which isn’t to say having something like a Porsche in the garage and a Heuer on the wrist wouldn’t be fun – it just doesn’t fit with how I’d see myself using a vehicle.  Frankly, any sort of sports car would end up seeing little use in our household, other than an occasional fun run.  On the other hand, a Defender would and could get plenty of use as a family- and cargo-hauler – with the addition of some off-road exploring of course.  And the watch?  Well, it’s no secret I’m a fan of the Explorer series.


The article over at Gear Patrol (link) is a good read, and covers some rather nice bits of machinery (of both kinds).  Let us know in the comments what pairings would work the best for you.

All images courtesy of Gear Patrol


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