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Introducing: Vincero Collector’s Box


After you’ve been into watches for a bit (or really any hobby, I guess), you realize something. You need a place to store all of those watches. Sure, you can use the packaging it comes in, or perhaps you have a lockbox. But for pieces that you wear regularly, having something you can get to them easily is key. Enter the just-released Vincero Collector’s Box.

Now, you might be familiar with Vincero from their watches, as we’ve covered a few of them (say, here and here). So, why might you consider the Vincero Collector’s Box? Well, for me, it’s the understated elegance. There are a lot of watch boxes out there, and many of them have clear windows on the top. This lets you see what watches are in there, but you know what watches you have. Instead, we’ve got a solid top here (with the metal nameplate), giving it more of a look of a case that you might already have on your furniture or bedside table that holds your cufflinks or other accessories (or is that just me?) Given that solid top, you’re also a touch more protected should something fall directly on the top.

Opening up the top of the Vincero Collector’s Box, you’ve got spots for 6 watches – each divided and with their own padded pillows to wrap your watch around. Don’t have six you’d want to store? I say, no problem. Pull the pillow(s) out, and now you’ve got a cubby where you can put some smaller catch-all things. What about a few spare watch straps? Well, you could wrap those around a spare pillow, or if you don’t mind a small touch of clutter, it looks like there would be room to put one or two along the back edge and still allow the lid to close.

The main question here with the Vincero Collector’s Box is the material and build quality. I mean, at $145, it’s not an inexpensive case. Not the spendiest, but it’s at a point where you want something that is able to last a good long while, and have hinge hardware that’s sturdy and able to hold up for all the open and closing. From the photos, things look good, but we’ll see soon, as we’re working on getting in a sample of the box. For now, though, you can check out the details and order your own over at vincerocollective.com

Tech Specs from Vincero

  • Storage: 6-piece watch collection box
  • Exterior: Black Satin Finish
  • Interior: Black Velvet Interior Lining with White Stitching
  • Cushions: Black Velvet
  • Dimensions: 358x123x90mm

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