New York!  Well, is it?  For me, I can’t say, as I’ve never been there.  But, with today’s watch, I suppose you could be paying a sort of homage to the city in question.

The watch in question is the New Yorker by the d. freemont watch company.  At first, this feels like any number of dress watches available on the market, and by some regards you’re correct, with regards to:

  • 36mm stainless steel case with sapphire crystal
  • ETA 2824 automatic movement with date display (upgrade that contains a temperature-compensated hair spring)

And of course, the styling is similar to others – but then again, that’s what I like about the dress watch category – the style has a subtle sophistication to it, so why change what isn’t broken?

Now, for the differences that I see.  Stylistically, the cyclops date display is not something commonly seen on a dress watch – generally that’s more reserved for the divers, and of course Rolex (and the various homages).  Second, the hands appear to be black, rather than chrome.  In this presentation (with the champagne dial) I feel it makes for a smart combo.

Another difference is with the company itself – it appears to be solely an online operation (US-based; Swiss components) that also offers full service and maintenance.  With regards to this, the watch you purchase is timed just before it’s shipped to you, and the timing printout is included in what you receive.

Also?  Regardless of the watch you purchase, you’re getting something that’s limited edition.  It sounds like most runs hover around 100 pieces, though sometimes that may climb to 300.  In the end, you’re getting a limited edition watch.  With respect to the New Yorker, it’s a solid and great-looking watch.  While $800 (+$50 if you want a bracelet instead of a strap) isn’t cheap, this is a watch that should last you for a good long while.

I should note that they also have an payment plan option (something I’ve also never seen elsewhere).  With it, you pay 60% up front, 20% hits your credit card 30 days later, and then after another 30 days (or, 60 after purchase) the final 20% is charged. As I said, I’ve not seen this elsewhere, and it does seem like a fantastic way to help you spread the cost of your purchase.

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Last Update: November 18, 2011