Or, the masquerade ball, if you prefer.  We’ve not taken a look at Orient for some time on these pages, but they do offer some rather interesting (and affordable) automatic watches – and today’s example is no exception to that rule.

The model in question is the Masquerade, my favorite of the bunch being the FERAP004D, which nets a blue dial and brown leather strap (there are three other finish/strap combinations as well).  Once you get past the square case, you notice that this dial is a bit different than many pieces these days.

All of the time (and the dates, for that matter), are displayed via a couple of rotating disks.  And, regardless of the time, you’re always reading the current time at the 9 o’clock position.    At first glance, the dial seems a bit busy and confusing, but once your eyes settle down, it seems like it would be relatively easy to read in day-to-day wear.

With the case dimensions being 35.5mm wide by 47mm tall, this will carry significant presence on your wrist.  Though, it is only 12mm tall, so it should fit nicely under a shirt cuff.  Within that case, you’ve got an Orient Caliber 46S50 (automatic) keeping track of things for you.

At this pricepoint, it’s no surprise that the crystal is mineral (not sapphire), but that’s to be expected.  Once the case is all buttoned up, it has a water resistance rating of 50m – so while it can take a splash, you won’t want to go swimming with it.

At an asking price of $249 (currently, you can get 15% with the code Spring2012), I have to say it’s very reasonably priced for what you’re getting – an automatic watch with an interesting display not many other pieces would match.  I have no idea how the reliability (or serviceability) of the movement would be, but the brand as a whole is generally well received on the various forums.

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