Let me start by thanking John for the opportunity to contribute to WWR.

A few words about me; I’m a watch fan. I come at it as an amateur historian who appreciates the watch’s role in history (note that the affordable wristwatch made ’s list of “Top Ten Military Innovations of the XXth Century” on www.Strategypage.com), as well as being a guy with the not-uncommon fetish for small and intricate gadgets. Watches, especially mechanical watches, also appeal to me as bits of order, precision, and accuracy, in an otherwise chaotic and messy world. Finally, watches are tools, and valuable tools in every endeavor I have been involved with in my adult life. I don’t consider myself a collector as I lack the passion and intensity of a true collector, but I have a number of watches, and appreciate them.

Professionally, I’ve been in the military one way or another since 1983. Currently, I’m a reservist, and something of a professional student appart from that. In addition to watches, I’m interested in history, classical and sport fencing (saber and foil), coffee, beer, bourbon, and cooking.

Thanks again, John, for the opportunity to be part of the team!

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