What goes better in the summer than ice cream? Not many things. In this case, though, the ice cream is actually the skating gear label under Billionaire Boys Club. Continuing their collaboration with streetwear brands, Casio has created new versions of the DW5600 and DW6900 specifically for ICECREAM.

Both of these models are icons in their own right, and now they’re getting themselves a healthy splash of graphics and color. For the DW5600, that’s called the Waffle Drip in this creation, which has a case that looks like a healthy dose of strawberry ice cream that blends down into a waffle cone pattern on the strap.

With the DW6900, that’s more focused on the Billionaire Boys Club, and is called the Starfield. Aside from that bright orange dial, you’ve got custom graphics appearing on the strap, including their astronaut logo.

To get one of these limited editions, you’ll need to find your local Billionaire Boys Club store, as they’re only available to be picked up there, in person. Either one of them runs for $300, which is a healthy increase over the $75-$85 that the base models run – so these are definitely more for fans of the brand. bbcicecream.com

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Last Update: June 28, 2023