There’s no mistaking that the smart watch segment has a lot of activity.  We’ve had some articles about them  (here’s our review of the MetaWatch, and a roundup article), and do have another review in the works.

In the iterim, however, I ran across an article over at Lifehacker that covers some of the basics as to what you can do with a smart watch, and how they work.  As you read it over, it can definitely give you some food for thought as to whether or not one makes sense for you.

Then, past that, they have an overview of three different watches that offer varying functionality – the Pebble (which seems to be the current king of the hill, at least when it comes to ink splashed), a variant of the MetaWatch that we reviewed, and then another intriguing option from Martian (which is what we’re working on a review of).

It’s a quick read, but the article will give you some idea of what a smart watch can do, and help answer (for you, or someone you know) the question of whether or not it’s a smart purchase.

Via Lifehacker

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