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The Casio GRB200RAF honors RAF flyboys


Pip pip and all that. Casio has announced a new GRAVITYMASTER model in collaboration with UK’s Royal Air Force. The model, which is a specially designed G-Shock, comes with a carbon-infused resin bezel and band.

From the release:

The premium Carbon-insert Bezel that is engineered within the GRB200RAF boasts a three-layer structure that provides the utmost strength to withstand harsh conditions pilots are faced with on a daily basis. The top layer is also semi-transparent to reveal the carbon material inside for a tough, yet stylish look.

The collaborative timepiece also arrives with practical details including extra-large buttons set at different angles and shapes to prevent operating error while wearing gloves, a bright green dial and digital display for improved readability under harsh situations, and more.

You’re not going to notice much unique about this piece unless you check out the buckle but it’s a nice addition to the GRAVITYMASTER line-up. It’s available online and in stores for $370.

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