A terrible thing happened to me about a month ago. Biggs showed me the Poor Man’s Watch forum. My wallet may never be the same.

The Poor Man’s Watch forum is just that; an online forum where people sell and trade watches. The cool thing about it is that unlike eBay, the prices aren’t driven up by the punters. You can easily pick up a Seiko Orange Monster for $100, or a Omega Seamaster for under $1000. There’s actually two sides the forum the “PMWF” side, where everything is under $1000, and then there’s the “Premier” side. On the premier side, expect to the prices to run over $1000 for everything. Most the time prices are negotiable, but there are a few exceptions and that’s normally stated in the ad. In some cases, you can even trade, but again that’s at the discretion of the seller.

I like the forum because you can negotiate. Most of the sellers are quite knowledgeable though, so don’t expect to get away with anything. The good deals move fast too, so it’s a good thing to check for new posts repeatedly throughout the day. And there are a whole lot of good deals. From people who buy a watch, don’t like it, and flip it, to people who got caught buying watches by their wives, you can usually find what you are looking for just by watching the forums for a bit. I would suggest caution when buying though, sellers are not moderated and there’s always a chance that a scammer might have snuck into the room.


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