It seems like it’s been awhile since we saw a new model come out from TokyoFlash, isn’t it?  Well, that oversight has been remedied, as I had news of another brand new model cross my desk.

The model in question is the Kisai Gravity, and my immediate reaction is that it has a similar look/feel to the Ziiiro Celeste that we reviewed back in March.  This is due to the fact that you’ve got two disks revolving around, and where they stop, the time is indicated (if that’s not clear, just look at the picture below).

Past that, though, the similarities to that particular model end (the acrylic disks to call to mind the Celeste, however).  One very welcome addition is the EL backlight, which is color-matched to the main color of the dial (blue or green).  This makes it much simpler to tell time at night (as well as looking pretty sweet).

The watch itself is labelled as a unisex piece, and with the stainless steel case (in silver or black) being 36mm in diameter, you can see it would work for most people.  The movement is a quartz one, powered by three(!) SR626SW watch batteries.  Finally, the bracelet will have the same finish as the case, and should fit your wrist unless it’s over 8.5″ in diameter.

Another design feature I like on this piece is the sort of domed look it has with the crystal.  Sure, it’ll add some height, but frankly, with a casual piece like this, you’re not necessarily concerned with how well it fits under a shirt cuff.  To me, it just makes it a little bit different than other pieces, even within the TF line.

To my eyes, this is perfect if you liked what you saw in the Ziiiro pieces I referred to earlier in the review, but want something a bit more affordable.  If you’d like to pick up one of these pieces, you’ll want to act quick.  They’ve actually got some pre-order pricing in play until May 11th, 11:30 AM Japan time:   $99 (€73, £60). After that, the watch goes up to its regular price of $129 (€95, £80).  (Here’s the product page.)

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