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Sunday Rewind Reviews: Benarus Vintage Moray and Van Speyk Dutch Diver

This Sunday I am doing something a little different. Instead of showing off a few videos, I am going to do a pair of re-reviews, Rewind Reviews if you will, second looks at watches that we have featured here at the site. I have a pair of divers that Patrick reviewed the Benarus Vintage Moray and the Van Speyk Dutch Diver. I have had some time with both watches, and I like them both, though they are very different.

Floijn 01

Florijn Dive Watches, the Old Een, Twee, Drie

Want to go Dutch? It is always fun to uncover a new (at least new to me) brand, so it was fun to uncover the Florijn Dive watches from this small Dutch brand. The watches are supposed to represent Dutch design aesthetics, simple and powerful with clean lines, no frills and solid functionality. I think on most of these points they hit the mark.


Introducing the Deep Blue Diver Pro

Deep Blue is one of those brands that I’ve had to admire from afar. I have not run across anyone who owns one, and it simply has not worked out for us to get one in for review. That said, even from the pictures, there is something of an allure to what the brand produces. Their latest, the Deep Blue Diver Pro, follows along in that same vein.


Thar She Blows! The Boschett Harpoon Spirit of Essex Is Up For Pre-Order

Boschett is not a brand we have written about for awhile, and things had been relatively quiet. Then, not that long ago, we received word of a new model they had coming out, with the pre-order currently underway. While we looked at their Reef Ranger previously, their Harpoon lineup seems to be popular as well. So, with that, let’s take a look to see what the Boschett Harpoon Spirit of Essex has to offer.

Sinn Banner1

Sinn T1B and T2B; Light Blue Divers, Literally

I recently had a chance to check out the line of Sinn Watches at a WatchBuys Road Show, and the first watch that caught my eye was the new T1B in titanium. Sitting next to it was the T2B, a smaller version of the watch, also in titanium. Depending on your size preference, the Sinn T1B and T2B are really attractive with the new blue dial, are very light, and have a hidden feature to make that bezel especially secure.


H2O Kalmar 2 Mokume Gane Watches, Layers and Layers

Mokume-gane is a traditional Japanese metalworking technique where different metals are fused together in order to create a billet with a layered look, which is then worked into whatever shape is needed. This 17th Century technique was developed for ornate Samurai swords that were decorative status symbols. Now, this layered look is being used as a watch case in the H2O Kalmar 2 Mokume Gane Watches, available for pre-order on their web site.