G by EleeNo

October 31, 2005 . by John Biggs

Yep, here they go again. TokyoFlash has a new watch, the EleeNo G, which redefines user unfriendliness. Reading the time is surprisingly simple. The top row indicates the hour & the bottom 2 rows indicate the minutes. For a detailed example of how to read the time please scroll down to the diagram below. The…

Greatest Loves, Worst Disappointments

October 27, 2005 . by John Biggs

Great thread on WatchUSeek: Best Surprises and Worst Disappointments. The opinions expressed on this forum have helped my greatly in determining which watches to buy. Just wondering what the consensus is on this: What have been your “best surprises” and “worst disappointments” since you have been buying watches (especially online) based on quality, meeting of…

OmegaBlogger Finds a Beauty

October 27, 2005 . by John Biggs

What a great old Speedy. I’ve been eyeing Speedys since I got my own and I just can’t push myself to get another one… or write a review on the one I have. But I do enjoy a good vintage. Restoration is a personal thing, my view is that you need to keep the watch…

How to Buy a Watch Part 2

October 27, 2005 . by John Biggs

Velociphile does it again. His most important point: Buy one watch that you really like, then never, ever read TimeZone, or any watch publications, again. This will save you a fortune. Especially to be avoided are the watch review, brand forum, and chatroom areas of TimeZone – the WIS contagion spreads from here… If you…

New LED Watch – XRay

October 25, 2005 . by John Biggs

Simon over at LED-WATCH.com has a new model, the XRay. It’s a limited edition, very Space-like with harder lines and a nice brushed steel case. The bevelled screen looks kind of like a TV, which is also hawt. At about $100, it’s not that bad a price for a nice limited edition LED. I have…

New Look

October 24, 2005 . by John Biggs

We’ve got a new look care of Dizzain.com. They’re excellent web designers. I’ll be tweaking it this week for sexiness, but let me know what you think.

RGM Watches Movie

October 24, 2005 . by John Biggs

V. v. nice. Check it out here.