We’ve brought you word of a handful of different watches you can build yourself with some basic electronics and soldering skills. Over at HackADay, they recently featured a watch that is certainly one of the nicest “roll your own” digital watches I’ve seen.

Most of these DIY affairs are fairly bulky, as they’re being made for (and by) people who aren’t necessarily watchmakers, and as such don’t have the fine motor skill practice (or tools) necessary for putting together tiny components. This didn’t apparently stop Zak Kemble, as he put together a watch that’s an impressive 10mm thin. And it’s not some anemic little thing either.


No, he’s managed to fit a good bit of functionality in, including:

  • Set up to 10 different alarms (for different days of the week)
  • Games! Breakout, and some sort of car-dodging (Frogger?) style game
  • Flashlight (which also has a rave mode – guessing you don’t want to trigger that while driving)
  • Stopwatch functionality


This is all displayed on what looks to be a very crisp OLED display. Frankly, I’m impressed – while it’s not something I myself can put together, I can certainly appreciate the effort that went into packaging this watch (and it’s functionality). Sure, it’s not a smartwatch, but this is one of the cooler digital watches I’ve seen in some time, mass-produced or not. If you’d like some more information on this project, check out the original project page here.


ByPatrick Kansa

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