For this edition of the Afternoon Beer Break, I though it was time to focus on a brewery local to me. For those outside of Chicago, when you think Chicago beer, you probably call to mind Goose Island. However, there is a rather robust collection of brewers here. One such that you’d likely come across is Revolution Brewing, and the most common of their pours you’re likely to run into would be the Revolution Anti-Hero.

In my mind, the Revolution Anti-Hero is the standard bearer, or signature beer, for the brand. Even their own site labels it as their flagship IPA, so I must not be that far off the mark. And yes, when I’ve seen a Revolution at the restaurant or store, 9 times out of 10 it’ll be the good ol’ Anti-Hero (sometimes as part of a Hero pack, which is a great sampler that changes up from time to time).

Depending on how used to IPAs you are, your mileage will vary with the Revolution Anti-Hero. To my tastebuds, this is a crisp middle of the road sort of an IPA. There’s no crazy additional flavors in the can (even with the Citra hops in the mix), and the 6.7% ABV won’t take you out of the game (if you’re drinking responsibly, of course). In terms of the bitterness, it’s rated at 65 ABU, and my taste buds register it, but it’s definitely not overpowering. If you switched over to it from, say, a lager, then yeah, you’ll notice it for sure. But that goes for any style switches – the characteristics of the style will be more pronounced.

If you’ve been wondering what Chicago’s Revolution Brewing is all about, the Revolution Anti-Hero is a solid way to check them out. Just look for the Hulk-like fist on the taps at your local watering hole, or at your local shop. And if you can find a Hero pack, I highly recommend that as well. You’ll get the Anti-Hero, as well as three other varieties that will show you what Revolution can do, as well as the variety to be had with the IPA style. Anti-Hero® | Revolution Brewing

Specs from Revolution Brewing

  • ABV: 6.7%
  • IBU: 65
  • Ingredients: Citra, Crystal, Centennial, and Chinook hops
  • Availability: Year Round

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