We’ve been following these guys since they were pretty gimpy, and they’ve only improved this year. All of these are ETA auto movements with some incredible styling. Check out the Nightvision.

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

16 thoughts on “Amazing New U-Boat Line”
  1. VERY cool styling…..but why would anyone spend that kind of money on a watch that uses an inaccurate mechnaincal movement? Quartz, Perpetual Calendar and Radio Atomic movements – battery and solar powered are becoming common and must be cheaper. Please explain to me why I would want +/- 15 sec/month with a need to re-synch 2x a year (DST) when I can have +/- 1 sec per month or better with auto DST and date synch.

    What is the appeal of the “ticking”?

  2. Irving you just do not get it. The most desirable and expensive watches in the world are all mechanical watches, at least from a collectors standpoint. In most any collection the price goes down with the quartz. Self winding construction and balance is more complicated.

  3. I never even heard the terms “perpetual calendar” and/or watches that use radio(!) to sync with the atomic clock center in Colorado?

    But I think the point is that some people like Irving want a watch to wear on their wrist and not really pay attention to it, or think about it.

    Whereas other people are more intrigued by what is going on ‘under the hood’ and the watch technology itself, they want to know what’s happening on their wrist.

    I am definitely in the second camp.

  4. hi, i have to say that i am not all that keen on the new line of u-boats. i have one of the old line and think that the style is much better. the new ones just dont appeal to me at all and also the prices have just gone through the roof.

  5. Hi all. I saw a Italofontana’s U-boat watch for the first time a month ago, and i was simply mesmerized. I really like its design, as i find it quite original and cool to wear. Definitively move heads around. The only question is about its price. I’ve found it a bit expensive for a sports watch of a barely known manufacturer, though it’s italian and by rule all european stuff is chic, glamorous and expensive. Anyone have an idea of how can i get one for a minor price, maybe used or something? Thanks.

  6. I too was mesmerized by U-boat watches when I walked past a watch store one day, but the more I looked into them the more I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re overpriced for what you get.

    Still, all other U-boat type watches I’ve seen look like cheap wannabe knockoffs. So if you want something cheaper, Italo Fontana also designed Welder watches. And Chotovelli watches are unique, Italian alternatives as well, IMHO.

  7. How about a Glycine Incursore. Same styling, size and ETA movement for less than $1000 (I actually paid only AU$600 for mine). Sounds like a better deal than u-Boat to me…

  8. can anybody tell me I have been looking to purchase a u boat watch a classico left hook 45 mm. the gentlemen mentioned that he had the battery replaced a few years ago. I was under the impression that they were all automatic movements. am I wrong, please anser.

  9. I love the U-Boat watches, I have just purchased the latest 2009, updated, version of the gents classico.
    As for the question regarding battery replacement… some U-Boats have battery.. just beware of replicas as there are a LOT !
    You can contact me on shaun.reed07@btinternet.com and I can give you a contact at U-Boat Italy direct 🙂

  10. I will buy a new UBOAT in 10 days when I am back to Italy.
    An answer to the old Irvin’s comment: if you are for a nice walk in the mountain and the battery of your watch stops working, will you have a new one in your surviving kit?

  11. I bought a 43mm U-Boat CAS Flightdeck, for the money they are reasonably priced. I see them as the early days of Panerai. These watches will gain in value and demand will go up once people hear and see the brand more. I like that they put everything on the left side!

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