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And In This Corner… Introducing Boxer Watches



We just caught wind of a new brand (and watch) that’s coming to the market.  The company is Boxer Watches, and they’ve got a skeletonized watch hitting in August named the Zeus.

So, why Boxer Watches?  The founder, Mustafa Khalifa, gave the company that name as a reminder to fight to win back our time.  If you’d like to learn some more about the company, and see a video of the watch, you can head on over here.  The brand itself is fairly new, as evidenced by this being their first model to come to market.

And, as first watches go, this one has a very interesting look to it.  Things are very skeletonized, and it looks like there’s plenty of engraving and the like to put a good bit of visual interest on your wrist.  Of course, some skeleton watches can be difficult to read if the hands aren’t sized properly.  I’ll let you know how the watch performs in daily use once we have our review sample on hand next month.

Just going on the pictures,  I do like that the dial is kept logo-free (it only appears on the buckle), as it keeps things cleaner, especially with no indices / numerals.

If you want to pre-order yours, you can head over here and put your cash on the counter (just around $190 at current conversion rates).  The price includes shipping, and the watch has the following specs:

  • Case:  45mm diameter (10mm thick); stainless steel
  • Automatic movement (36 hr power reserve)
  • Power Reserve: 24-36 hours on full charge.
  • Strap Material: Genuine Leather.
By the time we have our hands-on review, I’ll gather more specs on what the actual movement is, and is the crystal is mineral or sapphire, and whether it has AR coating or not, amongst all the other points we regularly hit in reviews.


  1. These watches are something they mass produce in China and just stick a different brand on.
    Check out Ebay for a skeleton watch and you’ll find the exact same design.

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