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Bell & Ross Releases WWI Edition


Bell & Ross, not content to rest on their aviation laurels, has released the WWI-92 edition, a watch based on a World War I era pocket watch. The watch is strikingly simple – just a black face with silvered hands and case – and the 97 version has a reserve de marche and all models feature welded lugs, a wonderful detail that hearkens back to the days when wristwatches were actually pocket watches with bars soldered onto them so they could be worn on the wrist.

If you want to go totally retro you can check out the PW1, a handsome B&R pocket watch that takes design cues from the WWI-92. Both watches are probably wildly expensive but man if I’m not hungry like a wolf for them.

Product Page [Warning: Scratchy, tinny WWI-era radio noises]

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