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Introducing Casio’s MT-G MTGB2000YBD1, A High-End Addition to the Rugged G-SHOCK Series


Casio’s MT-G series is a slightly more expensive but decidedly more stylish version of its super-strong and super-trendy G-SHOCK pieces. Their latest version, the euphoniously named MTGB2000YBD1, features a “multi-layered carbon bezel frame, an advanced take on G-SHOCK’S latest Dual Core Guard Structure of a carbon monocoque case and metal frame.”

Casio Virtual Worlds is getting in on the metaverse, with physical watches


The metaverse is the new big thing. Facebook is now Meta. The University of Nicosia is teaching courses on Metaverse. And now, Casio wants to be a part, with the Casio Virtual Worlds collection.

CASIO introduces the Rick and Marty GSHOCK. Pack your shit, this should never have been introduced to Grumglorian society.



RICK: Put that away, Morty.

MORTY: But shouldn’t we –

RICK: Absolutely not, Morty. Trust me, they wouldn’t know what to do with your –

(Pulls down sunglasses)

– what is that? A G-SHOCK?

In Review: The Casio GSWH1000-1 smartwatch


The Casio G-Shock line has always been good at one thing: surviving in tough conditions. I wear G-Shocks when I know I’ll be rolling around in the sand, hiking, or anything that requires the watch to get dollops of mud or worse all over it. I’ve never really worn G-Shock’s to exercise. Until now.

Casio drops some thin and light sports watches


Casio has just announced the new GBD200 series, a thin and light sports watch in black and neon green. The pieces are about 15mm thick and feature workout tracking for those looking for a rugged watch that isn’t huge on the wrist.

Casio drops a chromed titanium G-Shock


I bet none of us had a $1,700 G-Shock on our 2021 Bingo Cards, but here we are. The new Casio GMWB5000TR-9 is a watch that uses a new type of titanium called “Tran Tixxii,” “jointly developed over a six-year period by Casio and Nippon Steel Corporation.”

Casio is feeling rosy with their latest vintage release


While we can sometimes get all wrapped up in the tiny details of what makes a watch interesting, there is certainly something to be said about the good ol’ classic digital watch. I think Casio would agree, and they’ve released an updated “classic” design, this time around in rose gold.

Scotty speaking into a mouse: “Transhparent G-Shocks”


Casio has just announced new transparent/translucent versions of their classic DW5600, GA700, and GA2100 models. Called Transparent White, the models have clear or smoky bezels and transparent bands, a big plus if you’re the Invisible Man.

Head outside with some colorful new Casio ProTrek PRG240 models


Today, seems like we’re covering a bit of “going outside” gear, between here and over at Knapsack – and you know what? That’s a-ok. Sure, we can bundle up and go out into the cold and snow, but it’s more appealing to thinking about warm days and cool evenings out on the trail and by the campfire. That’s what the Casio ProTrek PRG240 is all about.

The Casioak Stirs Up Mixed Feelings

The Grey Casioak. Image Credit: Nicholas De Leon

You’re looking at the Casio G-Shock GA2110ET-8A, perhaps better known as the grey “Casioak,” which I’ve been wearing on and off ever since I purchased it a few weeks ago. I did so in something of a panic after learning from one of my favorite YouTubers, Maverick Watch Reviews, that Casio had discontinued the model. “OK, well, that looks super cool, and I want it, so there.” One quick trip to StockX later, here we are.