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REVIEW: Vivienne Westwood Orb (take 2)


And today, we come to the final Vivienne Westwood model that we have on hand for review – the Orb.  Yes, we did show you an Orb last week, and this one is from the same family (just compare the case designs).

REVIEW: Vivienne Westwood Ellipse


Sometimes, we get lucky and the name of a watch encapsulates its design, either on a high level, or on some very basic level.  Today, it’s of the basic variety, but still – it’s nice to see the connection.

REVIEW: Vivienne Westwood Saville


Yesterday, we took our first steps into the Vivienne Westwood watch catalog.  While a good portion of what they have on offer are women-oriented, today we’ll be taking a look at one of the men’s models, the Saville.

REVIEW: Vivienne Westwood Orb


It’s time once again for us to take a peek at the Zeon American catalog, this time focusing in on a fashion brand that carries the name of English Designer Vivienne Westwood.