I don’t really like to have a ton of stuff on me at any given time, but everything here manages to stay very close by. I find that keeping a whole bunch of bulky stuff in my pockets makes me less likely to carry what I would like to have with me. I also carry a bag (Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II) with me to work every day that has my laptop and some other stuff in it. That’s for a different dump though…

– I have yet to find a comfortable way to carry my flashlight (Sunwayman V10R) in my pocket, so the iPhone pulls double duty. I keep it in an Apple official leather case in olive brown.

– The Orient Bambino is affordable and classy looking, but it gets swapped out regularly with a Seiko SKX173 and a Timex Expedition Military Field watch. Thanks for looking!

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We’ll be posting interesting content on Everyday Carry here on WristWatchReview because a) many EDC posts feature amazing watchings and b) EDC is the coolest site on the web. Enjoy!

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